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Fast fat burning

In the height of summer, when "Orange peel" No longer hide under jeans and bulky sweaters, you never want to be slim.

However, not always and not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit the gym, actively engage in fitness or strictly follow the diet. And yet, lose weight And you can lose weight in the usual conditions for yourself, without leaving home and doing everyday household chores.

as? Yes it's very simple! We offer your attention a few rules, the following will ensure you Crazy fat burning Without much effort!

Rapid fat burning

  1. Observe the regime of the day and nutrition
    Your first assistant on the way to losing weight - daily regime. To start, break the day by the hour (rise time, water procedures, breakfast, lunch, dinner, household chores).

    Then divide the meals 5 times with the sameIntervals (breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner). If you need to cook dinner for the arrival of her husband, first eat it yourself, and then start cooking. So you will escape the temptation "all to try" after 19:00.

    Also try to allocate for yourself at least 15 minutes a day (for example, at lunch, when the child is sleeping) and spend this time with benefit: make a small Charging Or several sit-ups. To start this will be enough to charge the body with vivacity and develop a useful habit.

  2. Give up alcohol
    Even if you drink alcohol very rarely,For weight loss is always useful to give up alcohol at all. Beer, wine, whiskey and other drinks are quite high in calories, besides, in the state of alcoholic intoxication, appetite increases.
  3. Twist the hoop or jump over the rope
    Twist the hoop is very easy, however this methodGetting rid of excess fat deposits at the waist is considered quite effective. It would seem, only 10 minutes a day, and the result will be noticeable in a week.

    Twist the hoop in any free time from home affairs: when you watch TV, wait for the end of washing or talking on the phone.

    Another assistant in the fight against excess weight - a rope. If the space of the apartment allows, you can alternate employment with a hoop and Jumping rope. Literally 5 minutes a day will be enough to keep yourself in shape all the time.

  4. Replace dishes
    This simple psychological method is reallyworking! Change your plate to a smaller one, and you can cut the amount of food consumed in this way. Another tip - do not mix food in one dish and avoid additives!
  5. Keep a diary
    He will become one of your best assistants. First write down your weight on the first day, and then proceed to the most important records.

    Record the upcoming day / week mode,Note the benefits of what was done (which is not - minuses), list the products that were consumed for the day, the number of cigarettes, if you smoke (or, conversely, if you throw - mark the number of days lived without a bad habit).

    Every evening we carry out a control weighing. As soon as you notice the results, you will have even more motivation for further dietary feats.

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  6. Use creams
    Choose a special anti-cellulite cream or scrubOr cook it yourself (for example, based on coffee or oatmeal). This simple but very effective remedy helps to remove toxins, purifies the pores, improves blood circulation, saturates tissues with oxygen and tones up the skin, eliminating the boring "orange peel".
  7. Do household chores like exercise
    Washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping trips ...Turn all homework into fitness. Sounds pretty simple, does not it? Go to the store, go down the stairs, and not on the elevator. If the bags are not so heavy - go upstairs also on foot. During ironing it is very useful as it is necessary to sweat - put on that clothes which will allow to create effect of a sauna. During washing, as mentioned above, turn hulauchup ... use any opportunity to achieve a result, and it will not keep you waiting!
  8. Exclude certain products
    If you want to lose weight, then you will foreverForget about some harmful to health and figure products. Bread, pastries, macaroni, mayonnaise, sausages, butter, sweet soda ... all this must be strict taboo if you want to lose weight. Give preference to vegetables, fruits, natural meat, steamed, fish and dairy products. By the way, it is also better not to stick to potatoes.
  9. Do not eat lying down
    Take it as a rule to eat at the table. The desire to have dinner at the TV or a snack on the go, while continuing to run around the house, are not options. Give a meal 5-10 quiet minutes, do not rush and do not jump up while eating. Among other things, it is recommended to eat, without distracting - turn off the TV, set aside the tablet, interrupt the reading.
  10. Take a bath
    Water treatments are useful at any time! Take in the morning cold and hot shower, And in the evening do a water massage, directing the strengthened water jets on the problem areas of the body.

    During the bath use differentMeans: aroma oils help the muscles to relax, shower gels help to tighten and strengthen the skin, scrubs actively fight cellulite and have a warming effect. By the way, after the bath we recommend to wipe yourself with a towel with a slightly harsh pile.

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As you can see, there is no need to complain about the lack of money for classes in the gym or lack of free time. Because it's clear to the hedgehog that this is just an excuse for his laziness.

Share with your friends these simple ways to fight fat deposits. Perhaps they did not even suspect how fat burning could be simple!