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Massage of fingers

It turns out your fingers can heal your body. If the joints are flexible and mobile - the condition of the internal organs is in order and everything is working properly. And vice versa, if the fingers are weak or they are difficult to bend - you need to sound an alarm.

If you want to easily and imperceptibly help your body, then every time you put on your hands nutritious cream, Pay special attention to each finger and certainly do a little massage. This will not only help the cream to absorb more quickly, but it will also be an excellent stimulation of the internal organs.

Recently, Western medicine recognized the presence ofIn the human body "energy channels and meridians, which connect different organs and form the energy-information framework of the whole organism". More simply, the connection between the fingers and the internal organs was officially recognized!

For which organs the fingers respond

  • The first (the thumb) is the brain;
  • The second (index finger) is the stomach;
  • The third (middle finger) is the intestine;
  • The fourth (ring finger) is the liver;
  • The fifth (little finger) is the heart.

Therapeutic hastas

  1. For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and stress relief after stress.
    Put your hands in the palms of each other at a short distance. Then alternately bend your fingers and simultaneously do a circular motion with your hands from yourself.
    Hastas and mudras
  2. From headache, heaviness in the head and increased pressure.
    Consistently put your fingers on each other: the fourth to the fifth, the third to the fourth, and so on. Then repeat this exercise in the reverse order. Do it simultaneously with both hands.
  3. With ear diseases and complications of hearing.
    Middle finger bend so that he cushioned with the base of the thumb, and they press the bent middle.

    The other fingers should be straightened, but not strained. Keep fingers in this position for 2-3 minutes, and repeat the exercise several times.

    Hastas and mudras

  4. With radiculitis, Rheumatism, pain in the spine and joints
    Bend the forefinger so that it pinches out to the base of the thumb. They in turn slightly adhere to the index.

    Straighten the remaining fingers and relax. Perform 10-15 minutes, and in a few hours after the pain will decrease.


  5. With catarrhal diseases, coughing, sinusitis, pneumonia.
    To activate the immune system, connect the palms together, fingers to scrape together. The thumb of one hand, leave and make a ring around him with the index finger and the thumb of the other hand.
  6. With acute pain in the heart before the arrival of a doctor.
    Bend the index finger so that it touchesA cushion of the terminal phalanx at the base of the thumb. While connecting the pads of the ring, middle and big fingers, and leave the little finger straightened.

    Do the exercise at the same time with both hands until the pain subsides. The effect of this hasta is similar to taking a tablet of nitroglycerin.


  7. With rapid fatigue, irritability, Visual impairment.
    To put together the pads of the little finger, ring finger and thumb, while the rest are free to straighten. Regular performance of this exercise not only heals the eyes, but also improves the overall well-being.
  8. If you need to quickly calm down after a strong emotional shock.
    Connect the first and second or the first and third fingers on both hands, then calmly take a few breaths and exhalations. This hasta also contributes to internal concentration.
  9. With inflammation of the stomach, intestines, liver diseases, Swelling and colic.
    The little finger of the right hand bend so that it touches the base of the thumb, which you press it lightly.

    With your left hand, grasp the right hand from below so that the thumb of your left hand is on the thumb of your right.

    Hand massage

  10. To restore appetite.
    Close the side surfaces of the thumbs, and the other fingers scrape and bend so that they are inside the palms.

    For treatment and for the purpose of prevention, perform exercises 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes. Then massage your fingers well.

    Hand massage

It is noteworthy that the wisdom inherent in the Eastern medicine, Found confirmation from Western scientists. Share these simple tips for correcting well-being with your friends and certainly try yourself to do a few exercises yourself. Make sure that your body is capable of self-healing!