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Smart inventions for everyday life

Every year the restless inventors surprise usInteresting novelties of technology. So you want to immediately get hold of the wonderful things they invented, because they were created specifically to increase the life Comfort!!

In this article you will find 23 extremely Clever inventions, Which quickly solve many everyday problems. Catch a real source of inspiration!

Interesting inventions

  1. A machine that returns packing tightness
    It was created for those rare cases when you did not eat a pack of chips in one sitting.
  2. A packet of chips

  3. Stand-mount for a glass in the shower
    Better than beer in the shower can only be wine!
  4. A glass of wine on a stand

  5. Safe with a timer to help you avoid the temptation
    A handy thing for self-control!
  6. Safe with timer

  7. Containers for spices that automatically measure the amount you need
    Only if you're not a fan of lavish pepper-soup.
  8. Containers for spices

  9. Thermometer, which works with a smartphone and gives advice on the treatment
    Miracle-thermometer even remembers the medical history and preserves every nuance for better quality of the subsequent diagnostics.
  10. Thermometer with smartphone

  11. Sprinkler for citrus fruits
    Now you do not need to cut a lemon or lime to get juice. Just insert this useful device inside the fruit and sprinkle it on your own.
  12. Sprinkler for citrus fruits

  13. Beach bag with mesh at the bottom
    The sand will no longer be found in the most unexpected and inappropriate places for it. There is also a clutch option, and for men - a backpack.
  14. Beach bag and mesh

  15. Magnetic bracelet to fasten paperclips, nails and needles on it during operation
    Such a bracelet throws a bold challenge to fashion!
  16. Magnetic bracelet

  17. Cooler that cools any drinks
    Wireless speakers, a flashlight, a charger, a blender opener, several storage cabinets, and a battery are all included with the device.
  18. Cooler

  19. Scissors, combined with adhesive tape
    Beautiful gift wrapping - easy!
  20. Scissors with adhesive tape

  21. A marker for scanning text directly to your computer
    Ideas for quick recording of ideas.
  22. Marker for scanning text

  23. An unusual shape for a cake with compartments for individual pieces
    Life is too short for a choice between chocolate and vanilla.
  24. Cake shape

  25. Scoop for cleaning a broom
    No more scattered garbage around the panicle.
  26. Scoop for cleaning a broom

  27. Microchip, opening dish with animal feed on request
    Home favorite will please you with his independence.
  28. The dog eats feed

  29. Tags with the inscriptions meaning the right side or the underside
    No more torture with changing clothes and resting the bed!
  30. Tag with an inscription

  31. LED magic faucet, giving water color
    The cold water shines blue, and the hot water turns into red. A great invention for children!
  32. LED Faucet

  33. Shower with built-in wireless speaker
    The ability to choose the musical accompaniment for the shower under the mood.
  34. Shower with a speaker

  35. Necktie - inflatable pillow
    The dream of taking a nap between meetings becomes quite real.
  36. Inflatable tie

  37. Portable badminton grid
    Chance to revive your favorite game in childhood.
  38. Portable badminton grid

  39. A hook on which it is easy to carry all the necessary bags at the same time
    Facilitates the fate of a busy shopping man during a trip with a lady in the shops.
  40. Hook for bags

  41. Portable laundry
    Ideal for travel! In addition, a small machine carefully washed all the most delicate things.
  42. Small washing machine

  43. Book holder
    Why all the buns should go to readers of e-books?
  44. Bookstand

  45. A razor that keeps the blades sharp
    Economy, worthy of admiration.
  46. razor

Were you surprised by these miracle inventions? Tell your friends about the amazing world of technical innovations!