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12 bad types of behavior

I wanted it better, but it turned out as always. How often we are bent Behavioral stereotypes And pay for it a great price! And it's not a secret that everything that happens to us in our daily life depends on our behavior. Do you want Change one's life - Change your Perception of the world and behavior, Getting rid of bad habits that poison existence.

A lot of people are completely unadapted to life precisely because they choose the wrong Type of behavior. Suffering themselves, such people cause suffering and others. Negative behavior style pushes people away from each other, which makes them full losers, destroying both career and personal life.


No one is immune from mood swings that occur for various reasons. Often on a well-run scheme I want to choose the most "poisonous" Style of communication with a person, Finally aggravating the already problematicSituation. But people engaged in self-development, can control the processes that occur in their minds, and behave in a balanced manner, even in the most severe cases. Our task is to learn to take the upper hand over the habitual benign behavior patterns, translating them into a positive key. So any difficulties will recede, giving place to good emotions and allowing miraculous events to happen.

The most common behavior patterns that spoil your life

  1. You are jealous (jealous)
    It's very frequent Lack of behavior, Fall into the trap of envy - just spit. It acts destructively - your life begins to seem to you a hell, you see only the bad and you become deeply unhappy. So as not to fall under the influence of envy, it is important to remember that you must only compare yourself with the person you were with yesterday. You are your own main rival and judge, and the life of other people can not be a yardstick for your own. Become better and do not compare yourself with others.
  2. You take things too much to heart
    Yes, we are all egoists, this is a fact. A healthy egoism is even necessary for all of us. But to take everything on a personal account is silly. You will get rid of many disorders and anxieties when you realize that people do not have a purpose to offend or humiliate you, that their statements often do not concern you at all. Take care of your heart and abstract from other people's opinions, so it's much easier to live.
  3. You are sacrificing
    Stop complaining! Very often people themselves inhibit themselves, constantly nourishing their sense of sacrifice and suffering. As soon as you understand that your life is in your hands and you have enough strength to correct any situation, things will go well. Control events and do not lose heart, you have the resources to cope with everything.
  4. You save pain and loss
    Learn to let go of the past. That which was, already has no power over you. Stop remembering unpleasant moments and rummaging through negative events, re-living them. Go further, burning bridges in memory, so you will feel more valuable, you will have more strength to build your happy present.
  5. you are pessimist
    To see everything in a bad light is a real punishment. So bad things seem even more terrible, and all the brightest is blackened and spoiled. People are uncomfortable with a person who sees only flaws in everything. Change Character of thinking On optimistic, it is necessary to do it right now. The result will not take long to wait - optimism will give you the strength to become better and more successful.
  6. You do not control your emotions
    Break down on people around because of any little things -Completely unworthy behavior. Curb your bouts of anger or tearfulness, and you will become much easier to manage events. Sometimes in order to learn to cope with yourself, you need a specialist, but it's worth it. Become restrained, and your life will become harmony.
  7. You condemn other people
    It does not matter why you are accustomed to condemn,Imposed stereotypes or a sense of self-importance. The next time, before you condemn another, think - why do you do this. You do not know what pushed another person to these or other words and deeds, you can not see the root of the problem from the side. Do not waste your energy on condemnation from the outside and frustration, use them more rationally.
  8. you are cruel man
    Cruelty - scourge of modernity, sympathy has becomeSuch an unpopular phenomenon. But to be cruel - to strike first of all on your own, this is a very powerful and destroying emotion. Let us hope that in the future, humanism and empathy will take over the world, but for now everyone within himself must build a church of humanity. To be healthier, happier and more fun - be kinder.
  9. You deceive others and behave immorally
    The whole person must be consistent. If you are trusted - justify your trust! Do not descend to actions that you can regret later, even if no one knows about it. Honesty and decency give a feeling of incomparable happiness.
  10. You play someone else's role
    When a person can not distinguish a mask from his face - he is deeply unhappy. A false personality has never given anyone joy. always be yourself, You are appreciated exactly as you are. Each of us is beautiful and for all has its own application in this vast world. Be confident in yourself, be real, and others will appreciate it.
  11. You are always waiting for approval
    meaning of life Does not consist in always being goodLook in someone's eyes. Surrounding is very exhausting, if you are always trying to get them to your side and deserve a positive evaluation. Enjoy everything that's happening, and do not expect any ratings, the schoolchild's complex will never help you become happy.
  12. You try to do everything perfectly
    Perfectionism in itself is not bad, but the desireIt's unhealthy to fit the ideal measurements to the blind. Of course, you want to become better and choose the very best. But in pursuit of ghostly ideals you can lose so much beauty! What seems to be the best today, tomorrow will be destroyed under your steadfast sizzling look, turn into dust. Do not strive for unattainable ideals, Reasonably estimate All around and put your soul into everything that you do.

Each of us has his skeletons in the closet, over which we need to work hard. Do not get discouraged if you realize how much more Work on yourself Ahead. The main thing is to understand what it is necessary to strive for, and to transfer any difficulties with a positive. Remember, more depends on you than you think. Take responsibility for yourself and your behavior and collect the fruits of experience and success.

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