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Educational sites for self-development

You are too tired to waste time,Which you spend on the Internet? Offer you a list of sites that will help you learn something new and useful. Time for a computer can and should be more productive! Choose the one that fits your interests best, and do it. Self-education.

"so simple!" Shares with you the most interesting cognitive pages that can be useful in different situations.

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Sites for self-education

  1. Digital photography school
    Great site for photographers: For both beginners and professionals. You will find a lot of useful information, and even in an active forum you can discuss the pressing problems, get useful tips and enjoy communication with fellow interests.
  2. ➜ digital-photography-school.com

  3. Duolingo
    Learn foreign languages ​​with the help of the game - whereMore effective university cramming. Thanks to this site you will reach a high level of knowledge, without spending at the same time fantastic sums, which now require language training. Try and wonder how interesting it is, and most importantly - the result is impressive.
  4. ➜ duolingo.com

  5. Factsie
    Historical and scientific facts - so exciting! Hitler was a vegetarian, think only ... dip into the world of entertaining knowledge with this wonderful site written in accessible English.
  6. ➜ factsie.com

  7. Fast company's 30-second mba
    A lot of videos in which successful people share their secrets. Very motivating and inspiring, you can find many interesting ideas.
  8. ➜ fastcompany.com

  9. Freerice
    How to improve your vocabulary of English words and do a good deed at the same time? Using this site, you will feed the hungry and you will be much more fluent in English.
  10. ➜ freerice.com

  11. Gibbon
    A huge collection of articles and videos,Collected by users, which will help you to study a wide variety of activities. A description of successful and unsuccessful examples in the work, personal experience of people working in different directions - a storehouse of knowledge that will be useful in your work.
  12. ➜ gibbon.co

  13. Instructables
    Videos made with humor will teach youDo your own hands a lot of useful things. Also you can share your own video instructions! How to cook, decorate, build, repair ... space for wild imagination and creation.
  14. ➜ instructables.com

  15. Investopedia
  16. Investments, finances, markets. Become financially prosperous with this smart site!
    ➜ investopedia.com

  17. Khan academy
    Improve your knowledge and keep statisticsIts development. A serious page for those who do not stop there. Udacity, coursera, academicearth, memrise, chesscademy are similar sites where you can better deal with the already learned and acquire new knowledge.
  18. ➜ khanacademy.org

  19. Fucking awesome
    Interesting things that are worth reading. The site contains not only useful articles with wise advice, but also various entertainment and cognitive materials that will not leave you indifferent. The title speaks for itself.
  20. ➜ ofigenno.cc

  21. Lumosity
    Developing brain games. Train, and you can create your own game to improve attention, memory and other abilities, so necessary for all of us.
  22. ➜ lumosity.com

  23. Powersearching with google
    A page that teaches you how to correctly search the google system for what you need. Learn the secrets of the search engine.
  24. ➜ google.com/insidesearch/landing/powersearching.html

  25. Quora
    You will answer all questions! And even there you can find out what interests others, read the detailed answers of specialists.
  26. ➜ quora.com

  27. Recipepuppy
    Just enter the ingredients that are present in your kitchen - and the site will give you recipes for all possible dishes. A varied menu, which you do not need to puzzle over, has become a reality.
  28. ➜ recipepuppy.com

  29. Spreeder
    Increase your speed of reading and understanding the text. Insert text into this program - and she will do everything for you.
  30. ➜ spreeder.com

  31. Stackoverflow
    The promised land for programmers, all questions and answers! Learnxinyminutes, codecademy, w3schools are similar sites containing valuable and such a complex information in search.
  32. ➜ stackoverflow.com

  33. Ted-ed
    Recorded in the video interactive lessons of differentSubjects created by experienced teachers, screenwriters and animators. You can add here your own lesson, which the whole world will see! Pedagogy does not stand still, because you need to constantly raise your level in this difficult matter.
  34. ➜ ed.ted.com

  35. Unplug the tv
    A cheerful alternative to television. The site offers videos that you like much more than what you twist on the TV.
  36. ➜ unplugthetv.com

  37. Vsauce
    The world is beautiful and amazing! Make sure of this by getting acquainted with the mind blowing videos presented on this youtube channel. A cure for boredom, to which there are no equal.
  38. ➜ youtube.com/user/murfizle

With these useful sites it's so easy to satisfy your cognitive needs! Check on your own experience and enjoy your health.

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