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Benefits and harm of nuts

Nuts, seemingly very small gifts of nature, but they contain a huge amount of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fats and proteins. This product is nourishing and A useful snack, Which greatly spoils the appetite before dinner. The nuts themselves are very good, but with salt or sugar they become enemies of any diet.

Today "so simple!" Invites you to learn more about the dangers and benefits of various nuts.

Benefit and harm of nuts

  1. The best nuts for people who follow a diet
    Most nuts contain aboutThe same number of calories per 100 g. But the most low-calorie are almonds, cashews and pistachios. Sitting on a diet, do not eat nuts fried in oil, because the heat destroys useful substances, and vegetable oils contain harmful fats. It is better to eat raw or fry them in a dry frying pan.
  2. Pistachios

  3. Worst nuts for diets
    Macadamia and pecans are very high-calorie nuts, in which everything contains very little protein. In any case, if there are them in moderation, they will not harm your figure.
  4. The best nuts for the heart
    All nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids, Which are very useful for the heart. And walnuts also contain alpha-linolenic acid in large quantities, which helps with cardiac arrhythmia, and also reduces inflammation and oxidation of blood vessels after eating fatty foods. Eat 8 walnuts a day to strengthen your heart.
  5. Walnut

  6. The best nuts for the brain
    Although peanuts and legumes, but it is oftenRefer to nuts. It contains a large amount of folic acid, which our brains need so much to maintain cognitive function. Thanks to this same substance, peanuts are an ideal product for vegetarians and pregnant women. Peanuts also contain vitamin E and fatty acids, which are necessary for our brain.
  7. Best nuts for men
    For man's health is good nut pecan: it contains beta-sitosterol - Natural steroid, Which alleviates the symptoms of prostate adenoma.
  8. Best nuts for disease prevention
    In almonds contain vitamin e (Natural antioxidant), Which helps the body deal with dangerous inflammations and other diseases, including lung cancer and age-related cognitive disorders.
  9. The best way to eat nuts
    Nuts are good to use in combination with carbohydrates - fruits or juice, as they slow digestion and assimilation of sugar. Add nuts to salads, yogurts and other dishes.
  10. Best in every sense nuts
    So what are the best nuts? Fortunately, you do not have to choose any one kind. The best way to get a full charge of nutrients and antioxidants is to consume a mixture of raw and unsalted nuts. This choice will be the most correct.

Enjoy your favorite kind of nuts or do a variety of Nut mixtures - no matter how you use this product, in any case, these gifts of nature are very useful for the human body!