/ What does your favorite color mean?

What does your favorite color mean?

The symbolism of color has its own history. People have long suspected that every color means something and thought how it can be used for personal purposes. The color affects not only the mental condition Man, he is able to completely change the essence of things.

Imagine an object not in the same color as you used to see it. Do you feel the difference? It's amazing how much depends on coloring! This article will help you Choose colors For different needs and occasions, so that you can feel yourself as comfortable as possible.

Color symbols

  1. green
    The color of nature, natural and inviting. This color is often like self-confident people. he is very Good for the eyes. Green color is rejected by people on the verge of mental and Physical exhaustion.
  2. green

  3. pink
    Very soft color, often it is associated with romance, passion. He calms and Restores vitality, Often pink for children. It's a paint upgrade, the beginning of something promising.

  4. purple
    Purple color is chosen by mature people, heSymbolizes wisdom. Shades of purple color of different strengths are used to calm, at the end of the day it is useful to look at something purple, this will help tune in to rest.

  5. blue
    Not in vain in the blue color so often dressed magicians and wizards in fairy tales. This heavenly color embodies the desire of man for a dream, a departure from reality. He really likes creative people.

  6. Orange
    The energy and heat that this paint emits is striking. this Color of optimism. If you have a bad mood - look at something orange, you will immediately feel the rise!

  7. yellow
    The color that people like to change places. This is a very intelligent color, yellow clothes have always been fashionable among aristocrats. Color of ease and curiosity.

  8. the black
    Although black has negative psychological characteristics, it is still popular. As an undeniable truth, a deep black color has no variations.
    the black

  9. white
    A perfect color, as it is a synthesis of all other colors. White color does not repel anyone. At the same time, this magical paint contains a shine of light and shades of ice.

  10. red
    Color of passion and all passionate people. Power and energy, Which he conveys, is huge. Red color is chosen by strong-willed, purposeful people, inside of which energy boils.

Select a specific color asThe preferred one can testify to different aspects of a person's life. If you found here your favorite color, think about how to use it with a benefit for yourself. Colors really have a powerful effect on a person.

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