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Graduation of flowers in slow motion

This video strikes with its beauty and at the same timeSoothes. Buttons, which gradually blossom under fascinating music, surprise. As a photographer did it? What should I do to get this effect?

It turns out that this kind of shooting is called Time-lapse. In translation from English - a period of time. Single-frame shooting Allows you to shoot very slow flowingProcess, for example - the blossoming of flowers. To create this magnificent movie for the camera canon 5d mark ii for more than 730 hours 7100 photos were taken. The result is amazing!

Blooming in slow motion

The shooting of this video took place in a home studio,Equipped in the photographer's office. As a background used black dense fabric, which was hung all the walls and windows of the studio. And only two lamps were used for lighting. depending on the Stages of flowering Miraculous plants, the interval between the photographs varied from a few seconds to several days.

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