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15 films that expand consciousness

Cinema is a kind of art that combines everythingPossible delights. And you can visually enrich yourself - there is something to look at, and music here matters - carefully selected. Often we all face the problem of what to choose for viewing, because there are a lot of films now. Here Good plot, I know, I read the book, and in this film, my favorite actor starred ...

"so simple!" Cares about you and offers a good selectionMovies. These are not exactly the usual pictures, they differ from others in the way that you have, during your viewing, what to think about. Movies that will not leave you indifferent and will overturn the notion of many common things.

Wonderful films for the expansion of consciousness

  1. Planet ka-pax / k-pax
    In appearance it is an ordinary person, except that his facial expressionsCan be a little embarrassing, and black glasses sharply distinguish a man from the crowd. In the process of watching the movie you will know that he is an alien from another planet. But in the world of stale mercenary people, he shows much more humanity than the inhabitants of the earth. A film that makes you more sensitive and fair.
    Ka-pax planet
  2. Dogville
    Film from an excellent director Lars von Trier. He does not betray himself - he tells a cruel truth about human nature, which can not be changed. All the action takes place as if on a theatrical platform, the visual series does not distract from the rich and deep dialogues at all. To look at the picture is very interesting, it shocking with its truthfulness of images.
  3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    An incredible film Michel Gondry, made in such a way that youYou can easily confuse reality and sleep. The story of two lovers, confused and strange, makes you look at the world from a different angle. Remember or forget, tell the truth or lie - the choice of everyone, and no one has the right to do it for you.
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  4. Solaris
    Andrei Tarkovsky made a film based on Stanislav's bookLema about another planet and its inhabitants. But the picture turned out, very close in mood to the Russian person, as well as all other works of this director. A film about eternal moral values ​​that makes you better. "Shame is a feeling that will save mankind", - says the protagonist, summing up the morality of the film.
    Solaris film
  5. Dead man
    Philosophical parable about the life and death of jimaJarmush. A very beautiful soundtrack that conveys the spirit of the western, dramatic action and johnny depp, brilliantly fitting into the entourage of the wild west. In this film there are a lot of symbols, they make you think, after watching, there is a feeling that the film continues in your real life.
    The dead movie
  6. Man from earth
    A film about which very few people know, but you will not regret having spent time watching it. The idea of ​​eternal life on earth, disturbing mankind constantly, is revealed here in full measure. film genre - science fiction, But there are absolutely no annoying special effects. The main action takes place in your head when you analyze the exciting dialogue of the characters.
    Man from the ground movie
  7. Awakenings
    Robin Williams as a medical researcherTells an amazing story that you can never give up. A film for those who are inclined to give up their hands before life's trials, giving hope and strength to go further.
    Awakening the film
  8. Vanilla sky / vanilla sky
    A film about true love, But not at all what you would think of herImagine. A film that all human existence is perishable, and in the end it is important to remain a person in any situation and appreciate what you have. Tom cruz in the title role is excellent.
    Vanilla Sky
  9. Stay / stay
    psychological thriller, Made very beautiful. Despite the fact that the film did not become popular, it is a very worthy work. A sad, touching story with an unexpected end will be close to many people who have doubts about whether everything is right in their life.
    Stay movie
  10. Peaceful warrior
    Incredibly optimistic picture givingConfidence that everything that is done is for the better. The world around is beautiful, do not forget about it. And the power of the human spirit is the greatest power on the planet. The film is based on real events and is striking in its sincerity.
    Peaceful warrior movie
  11. Melancholia / melancholia
    Lars von trier took in this film twoCharming actresses, and the more touching the story of the inevitability of what is happening. Just thinking about death, you can feel the taste of life. People who are depressed are trying to act more calmly in a stressful situation than others, as they are already waiting for bad events.

    The film is very metaphorical, even if you are not touched by the plot, it will help you to reconsider your views on your own life.

    Melancholy movie

  12. Start / inception
    Intense picture with an open ending, the wholeYou will analyze the events and build your own versions, as everything is in reality. A window into the world of mysterious dreams is open, but it's bad or good - you learn by looking at the picture.
    The beginning of the film
  13. Trance / trance
    Extremely well-chosen music and powerfulVisual series decorate this film and help to better understand the subconscious life of a person. What is hypnosis and why is it needed, how does it affect the personality? Do you want to know the hidden information that your subconscious mind contains? Watch the movie and think about it.
    Trance movie
  14. Other land / another earth
    A movie that you can not escape from yourself. Where ever you go, you always take with you memories, feelings of guilt and regret. How to deal with this, how to change this primordial state of things? Maybe you will not find the answers to these questions while looking at the picture, but perhaps you will think about them.

    A person is interested in the fact that he can be kinder to others, guided by his own desire, and this is the way to gain harmony.

    Other land film

  15. Mind games / a beautiful mind
    A very famous film with brilliant actors andA steep soundtrack. The story of a man who was so smart that he could figure out where the real life is, and where imagination plays a cruel joke with him. The story that love can conquer even such a terrible misfortune as a mental illness.

    This is one of those films that anyone will like, even the most experienced spectator and will leave after themselves a sense of catharsis.

    mind games

Such wonderful films you want to review again and again, and be sure to discover something new in them every time. Enjoy these gorgeous samples of cinema art, expanding your horizons.

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