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Exercise of the "Eight"

Many people dream of having a beautiful and smart body, but not all of them can boast. Fatty creases on the abdomen and sides irritate and sometimes even lead to despair ...

How to remove fat from the sides and waist

there is an exit! "so simple!" Found a way that helps To get rid of excess fat in the waist In just 14 days.

The simple exercise "G-8" gives excellent results under condition of regular execution. Well, for the cause!

Exercise "eight"

Perform the following exerciseContinuously at first for 1 minute 2 to 4 times a day, gradually increasing the run-up time to 2-3 minutes. To not miss another mini-training, set a reminder in the phone. By the way, you can do the same for drinking regime.

How to remove fat from the sides and waist

In the gym the exercise "eight" is performed with a gymnastic stick, and at home the towel will be perfect as a props.

  1. Stand up straight, place your feet on the width of your shoulders. Grab the opposite ends of the towel. Pull the towel upright in front of you. Without reducing the tension of the towel, take your hands to the right, then up and, describing the semicircle above your head, move your hands with a towel to the left side of the body.
    Exercise eight for the waist
  2. By changing the position of the hands (compare the photo), describe the semicircle through the slope in the opposite direction.
    Exercise eight for the waist
  3. The movements should look like you are describing the body of the figure eight. It is important: make sure that your legs remain as immovable as possible, do not swing your hips too much!
    Exercise eight for the waist

Here's how the exercise "G-8" looks in practice!

Exercise effectively works out Oblique abdominal muscles, Back, strengthens the muscles of the hands. In 2 weeks you can safely make measurements of the waist - you will be pleasantly surprised!

How to make a waist thinner

The results will be even more noticeable, if before the start of the 2-week training, arrange a discharge day to properly cleanse the body.

The prospect of finally finding a thin waist and a tight belly is an excellent motivation. Rather get down to classes, not forgetting to share the article with your friends!