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Being Mom's hard work

Being a mother is not easy, everyone knows it. However, the severity of the daily Domestic work Not everyone is aware. How many times have we heard - yes, she's just sitting at home, with a child, does not work. The man lives well, does not get tired. In fact, everything is quite different ...

Mother and son

One wise man put a note on his wife in the newspaper. He could not hide what he had learned, and decided to publicize his observations so that everyone would appreciate how difficult it was for women.

In the family of a man was Three young children. For one day he watched his wife andWrote down everything that a caring mother did for children. That's what he did. This list wants to show as much as possible to the representatives of the stronger sex.

This day mom:

  • 106 times opened the door for children;
  • 16 times she laced up her shoes;
  • 32 times changed clothes for children;
  • 94 times said "leave this";
  • 16 times quarrels quarreled;
  • 11 times fed;
  • 19 times wiped their noses;
  • 16 times put on the pot;
  • 175 times asked them questions and gave answers;
  • And, finally, only for the needs of children, my mother passed about 10 kilometers.

But now add to this the rest Mother's duties At home - cleaning, washing, cooking ... it turns out a very impressive and even frightening list. A rare man is able to cope with all women's responsibilities.

Women need to be respected and appreciated, because everything they do sometimes goes unnoticed. But immediately becomes noticeable when they stop doing it.

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