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What to do with a child

Well, when the day turned out to be nice, and the child can walk on the street, wonderfully entertaining himself with outdoor games. But what to do when it's raining or cold?

These are great ideas for exciting joint activities. With their help you can permanently To take a baby, While developing his imagination and creative thinking. You just need to have fun together with all your heart!

Than to take a child

  1. The fan turns into a rainbow
    Let the child paint the fan in different colors. When the blades dry, turn on the "rainbow". Here it is a thing!
  2. fan

  3. Plasticine is edible
    It is not difficult to make it. All that is needed for such a miracle plasticine, probably already in the kitchen.

    You will need

    • Half a cup of softened unsalted butter
    • 1 tbsp. L. Thick cream
    • A quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can do without it
    • 3-4 glasses of powdered sugar
    • Food color, if any

    Whip the butter and cream with a mixer. Then gradually introduce into the mass of powdered sugar, mix thoroughly. The mass should become thick and dense enough for molding. At the end is added a vanilla extract. Knead the dough on a surface sprinkled with powdered sugar. Divide it into several parts, into each drop by a droplet of food coloring and again mix well (if you do not want to use dyes, you can leave a lot of white color).

    Now you can sculpt what you want, cut molds into intricate cookies, make strange little animals ... but the most pleasant thing is that you can eat it later!

  4. Edible clay

  5. Home winged swings
    Hang a swing - it means a very long time literallyForget about the existence of the child. As an option you can make a hammock from a dense fabric, an idea for dad-craftsmen. Such a hammock can withstand the ease of an adult.
  6. Child on a swing

  7. The dough glows in the dark
    The necessary ingredients for the magically glowing mass are available, and the effect is stunning!

    You will need

    • UV lamp
    • Vitamin complex in
    • flour
    • water
    • vegetable oil
    • Tartar (can be found in the spice store)
    • salt

    Crush 2 vitamins in powder. Add 2 cups of flour, 4 teaspoons of tartar, 2/3 cup of salt and mix well. 2 cups of warm water and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Stir again so that there are no lumps. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and cook until medium heat stops sticking to the pan and hands.

    that's all! You can turn off the light and wonder at the unusually luminous plasticine.

  8. Glowing platciline

  9. Snow falls in summer
    To get real snow, just mix cornstarch with shaving foam. so that! The kid will be delighted.
  10. Than to take a child

    Than to take a child

  11. Muzzles from small little things please the eye
    Various trifles - buttons, beads, cogs - great material for the game. You can lay out different funny faces, and more - a mosaic. This activity perfectly develops the fine motor skills of the hands and the child's thinking.
  12. small things

  13. Unusual paint for drawing
    Gel for hair, food color, sequins and confetti - these are the constituent parts of these wonderful colors. With the help of them you can create real masterpieces.
  14. Paints for painting

    Paints for painting

  15. Chocolate plates from Willie the Wonks
    Melt chocolate and perch into it inflated balloons. When the chocolate dries, just gently tear the balls.
  16. Chocolate plate

    Chocolate plate

  17. Cardboard labyrinth
    Cut the cardboard and glue its walls together. Cut the arch with a sharp knife - that's all. The labyrinth for the little traveler is ready.
  18. Cardboard labyrinth

  19. Original motorway
    All children like to play cars, it's a fact. You can make this route yourself by drawing roads and garages on a large sheet of cardboard. A great analogue of shopping mugs for toy cars.
  20. Toy car route

  21. The solar system is like in the palm of your hand
    Round veneers, newspapers, toilet paper, glue andColors can be found in any house. From newspapers and paper you need to make balls, then - to dry and paint them. Veneer cover with dark paint, place the planet on it. simply space!
  22. Toy solar system

  23. Lock from improvised materials
    A bit of cardboard, old cut boxes, cardboard bases of paper towels - and the lock is ready.
  24. Cardboard lock

    Cardboard lock

  25. New Year's motives
    Single-colored balls can be colored with acrylic paints. Be careful: an enthusiastic child can paint all of these colors.
  26. Christmas balls

  27. A fascinating cloud of soap
    In a microwave, the usual soap turns into a soapy cloud. Magic parents in reality!
  28. Cloud of soap

  29. The world under water is open
    For a start, cut out from black paper the silhouettes of differentMarine life and plants. Cut a piece of paper with watercolor "marine" shades, the sheet should be well-moistened. But now - a secret move. Give the child a dropper with alcohol, let the alcohol drip into several places on the paper. Alcohol dissolves the paint, which means that luminous circles appear on the paper. Glue on water background silhouettes. Chic work on the sea theme is ready!
  30. Drawing in watercolor

    Drawing in watercolor

  31. Autumn leaves become pictures
    If you insert a sheet between the sheets of paper and shade the top of the paper with soft pencils or crayons, you will get a beautiful patterned pattern.
  32. pencil drawing

    pencil drawing

  33. You can play classics at home
    Field on the floor is simply done using electrical tape.
  34. Classics

  35. Prints of hands and feet - works of art
    A little imagination - and you can turn ordinary fingerprints and even feet into compositionally rich pictures. Fantasize your health!
  36. Handprints


  37. Unique mysterious umbrella
    Outside the umbrella is just black, but inside ... drawing a space print on an umbrella is not madness, but a craving for beauty in small things. Develop it in the child from childhood.
  38. paints

    Umbrella picture

  39. Star wars in a dream and in reality
    To arrange star wars at home is quite real. Swords can be created from balloons, illuminated by LED flashlights, and a roll from toilet paper serves as a handle. It is only necessary to decide who will represent the darth vader.
  40. Toy swords

    Glowing ball

Let these ideas inspire you for unforgettable entertainment with your child! Share an interesting article with everyone she might be interested in.