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Movies that Tarantino advises

Quentin Tarantino - the director is not just famous,But beating all records of popularity. What is one "criminal reading"! How did he manage to make so many quality films recognized all over the world?

Perhaps, the secret of quentin is that he studied his craft on his own, being a clerk in the video salon. His view of many things is very special. Once, when the director was asked to name The most worthy films, Which he had ever seen, he pleased everyone with a wonderful list.

"so simple!" Joins the tarantino and recommends these Samples of cinema art to view!

What films like Quentin Tarantino

  1. "Royal battle" (Japan, 2000)
    Japanese dynamic and brutal cinema. You will have something to look at, without any doubt. The morality of the film is drawn from the distant future to real, people-worried problems now.
  2. King's battle movie

  3. "something else" (United States, France, Great Britain, 2003)
    A romantic comedy that is not like the others, as it was filmed by Woody Allen. It means that you can enjoy the relevant humor and a pleasant overall atmosphere of the film.
  4. Movie something else

  5. "screen test" (Japan, 1999)
    Mystical film, filled with Japanese symbols. Despite a fairly traditional plot, the film delays its extraordinary.
  6. Film test

  7. "Boogie nights" (USA, 1997)
    Yes, this picture tells the story of a porn star, but without vulgarity, without the banalities inherent in the genre. Look interesting and sometimes even instructive.
  8. Night boogie movie

  9. "Under the buzz and in turmoil" (USA, 1993)
    Graduation party in American style -Reckless schoolchildren, drinking beer and starting fights. Why is this film so famous? The director managed to convey what these young guys feel. You can go to their shoes while watching this movie.
  10. The movie is high in turmoil

  11. "Fight club" (USA, 1999)
    A thriller that can change your ideas aboutLife. The film tells us that jokes are bad with human emotions. The anger that has to be restrained can turn into a catastrophe for everyone.
  12. Movie fight club

  13. "insider" (USA, 1999)
    What is more important - money or justice? Thinking about the consumer society that kills people, the whole movie will not leave you.
  14. Movie your man

  15. "Blade" / "razor" (Hong Kong, 1995)
    The picture will appeal to all lovers of martial arts. Dramatic action, close-up shots, gloomy tone of the movie will completely immerse you in a mysterious atmosphere.
  16. Film blade

  17. "Friday" (USA, 1995)
    One day from the life of two young people, not worried about anything. Comedy, very well performed in the best traditions of the genre.
  18. Movie friday

  19. "Dogville" (Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, 2003)
    The history of a small town inhabited by diverse inhabitants. The film, shot almost without any decorations, amazes with its originality.
  20. Film doguville

Now you can bravely arrange a movie night, reviewing the best films!

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