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How to make a trap for a cat

It happens, usual Entertainment with a cat Become boring. I want to arrange something of this kind and have fun with my beloved! We offer a fresh idea that will help you to diversify the time spent with the cat.

Do not miss the opportunity to puzzle this pretty creature - a surprised cat will be amused at the glory.

Cat Trap

  1. To begin with, build a simple trap with the help of improvised means.
  2. Scotch tape on the rug

  3. Wait until the bright detail draws the attention of your domestic tiger.
  4. Cat and cat

  5. Scratch your fingers, it seems that the cat does not suspect anything ...
  6. Cat on the rug

  7. Hey-hey !!! Do you see this surprised expression on the face? He is charming.
  8. Window vase

  9. But now we will look at the action of the trap once more from the side, so that you, fully imbued with the idea, would realize it into yourself and the cat for joy!
  10. Cat by the window

    Cat by the window

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