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How to make a garden near the house

This is how a small garden near the house looks like. Quite an unremarkable sight, but if you think about how it all began - you are amazed how much effort is invested in it. An incredible amount of manipulation is needed to get fresh green for breakfast. Look again at this Plot near the house. The idea of ​​a million!

Garden near the house

How to arrange a garden near the house

  1. Here's what the site looked like at first, just ordinary wooden blocks:
  2. Garden near the house

  3. In the city the land is not suitable for growing vegetables, therefore the gardener's blocks filled with fertile soil.
  4. Garden near the house

  5. When the seeds sprouted, the owner of a small plantation established a supporting system near the shoots.
  6. Garden near the house

  7. The main secret of success is a powerful irrigation system.
  8. Garden near the house

    Garden near the house

  9. The fences that protect the garden from young children and pets are a necessary part for a successful harvest.
  10. Garden near the house

    Garden near the house

  11. The first to grow arugula!
  12. Arugula

  13. Spinach, growing near the house - what a luxury.
  14. spinach

  15. Beets grew small, but what a bright!
  16. beet

  17. Radish grown in such conditions is very useful. However, like other plants that were not treated with chemicals.
  18. radish

  19. Bouquet of selected home-made carrots.
  20. carrot

  21. what a beauty!
  22. Beans

  23. Vegetables so much that a happy gardener decided to give them away! No one has missed such a tempting offer.
  24. Zucchini

  25. Traditionally, onion is one of the main crops of the site near the house.
  26. Green onion

  27. Sweet green peas matured on time.
  28. green pea

    green pea

  29. This plant is still immature, by the autumn it will turn orange and very beautiful. I love physalis ...
  30. Physalis

  31. A solid harvest of cucumbers also pleased the gardener enthusiast.
  32. cucumber

  33. Small peppers look more like an ornamental plant.
  34. Green pepper

  35. One tomato is completely ripe, the other four let them hang on a branch ...
  36. A branch of a tomato

  37. From such a beautiful flower and turns a pumpkin.
  38. Pumpkin flower

  39. Flowers will never be superfluous on any part of the earth.
    autumn flowers

    autumn flowers

    autumn flowers

    autumn flowers

  40. The view of the neighboring plot is depressing compared to the luxuriant vegetable garden above ...
  41. Groomed garden

  42. Maybe the neighbors will be inspired by the ideas of a successful gardener and change the appearance of their plantings.
  43. an old house

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