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Creative things for home

To what only these inventors will not guess! Earlier it seemed that you can quite do without all this, but it is worth learning about some Functional gimmick - as soon as there is a desire to have at homethe same. Take a look at these bizarre objects created to facilitate everyday life. Perhaps some will seem strange to you, but you will definitely appreciate a couple of them!

  1. Keyboard of unprecedented form.
  2. Grenade keyboard

  3. Usb-port without end.
  4. Endless usb port

  5. Slippers for washing the floor. Cheerful design!
  6. Slippers for washing the floor

  7. With such scissors it is very easy to cut pizza.
  8. Scissors for pizza

  9. A "like" potholer like your guests.
  10. Pothole

  11. The device, thanks to which hands will not smell onions after cutting.
  12. Finger guard

  13. Mugs for beer. Useful for those who ineptly pours beer into the glass.
  14. Beer mugs

  15. Stand for kettle in the form of a rocker.
  16. Stand for teapot

  17. A cozy place to read.
  18. Place for reading

  19. Beautiful and pleasant shower.
  20. Original shower

  21. Fork-pizzeresis.
  22. Fork-pizzer

  23. A rocking chair for mom and baby.
  24. rocking chair

    rocking chair

  25. A cookie, which is created for dipping into different delicacies.
  26. Cookies thimbles

  27. It seems that this is a credit card. In fact it's a very handy pocket calculator! miracles.
  28. Pocket calculator

  29. The tube will be in perfect condition.
  30. Devices for squeezing tubes

  31. Hangers, replacing any back of the chair. Well, who among us does not like to hang clothes there? Then the same.
  32. Hangers in the form of a chair back

  33. A scanner that displays drawings or inscriptions on toast.
  34. Artistic toaster

  35. Sofa made of teddy bears.
  36. Teddy bear sofa

  37. Lamp in chemical style.
  38. Bulb from tubes

  39. From the shape of tin can much depends.
  40. cans

  41. Blimey! Bed, which occupies the whole room.
  42. Bed for the whole room

  43. The patterns on the mug vary depending on the temperature of the liquid being poured.
  44. A mug that changes the pattern

  45. Idea for a postcard to a newborn.
  46. Postcard to newborn

  47. Special knife for watermelon.
  48. Watermelon knife

  49. Chocolate, which will not let you relax - the tiles indicate the number of calories.
  50. Chocolate with the number of calories

  51. Slingshot for playing angry birds.
  52. Slingshot for angry birds

  53. Original ink calendar. Ink is spreading out to your days ...
  54. Ink calendar

  55. On such a log to sleep extremely gently!
  56. Cushion

  57. A hiding place in the bathroom.
  58. Cache in the bathroom

  59. Chic machine. Interestingly, in the future there will be many such?
  60. Machine of the future

  61. Cup with stand for cookies.
  62. Cup with stand

  63. Stylish dishes for nuts and seeds.
  64. Dishes for nuts

  65. A bandage telling the story of the fall.
  66. Armband

  67. Mood - retro.
  68. Retro keyboard

  69. Magic cookbook. To read the recipes, you need it first ... bake!
  70. cookbook

  71. Fashionable folding chairs.
  72. Folding chairs

  73. Lip gloss with your favorite tastes.
  74. lip gloss

  75. table transformer. From this I would definitely not refuse ...
  76. table transformer

Such extraordinary items make an indelible impression. Which one did you like the most? Share with your friends these delightful Inventions!!