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Than you can poison in summer

If you decided to avoid poisoning this summer,Better be more careful with the products, which will now be discussed. The fact is that in the summer heat the food quickly and unexpectedly spoils. Not only at home, but also in supermarkets - Food storage conditions Sometimes they are quite unfavorable.

In summer, choose products even more carefully, check not only their appearance, but also the smell. Who wants to feel disgusting in beautiful weather? Remember these 7 most Problematic products easily.

What can be poisoned in the summer

  1. Berries and fruits, some vegetables
    When the heat in the street, berries and fruits oftenOverheat on the counter, begin to rot. Inspect the fruits very carefully before buying, and having bought them, my assiduously. Watch out for the children: they are lovers of unwashed fruit, which causes poisoning very often.
  2. healthy foods

  3. Eggs, egg cream
    Chicken and eggs can containBacteria that cause salmonellosis. This is an acute intestinal disease, which can be rescued from, adhering to strict rules for handling eggs. Buy only fresh eggs that have not lain for 5 days. Stale eggs are characterized by a less dense shell, through which salmonella penetrates into the egg.

    Never my eggs - smash them dry! Then wash your hands and continue to prepare food. On a wet slippery surface of an egg, salmonella is even easier to get into an egg. Oh, I always did the opposite ...

  4. sweets

  5. meat
    In summer everyone likes to fry meat in nature! Do not forget that in raw meat there is a very Many dangerous bacteria. Never buy already pickled meat in the store, and also very well fry each piece. Finished meat in a cafe is also better not to buy, the risk of buying a spoiled portion is great.
  6. meat

  7. Frozen vegetables
    It's strange to see frozen vegetables on this list,Because modern technologies of freezing help keep them intact for a long time, frozen vegetables can not harm the body. But what if in the heat the vegetables melted during transportation, they started to rot, and they froze again?
  8. Frozen vegetables

  9. Mushrooms
    There is always a danger of poisoning mushrooms. On the first mushrooms that appear in the summer, everyone is eager to make more money, but not everyone follows the quality. Do not buy mushrooms in dubious places, if you collect yourself - be scrupulous in the choice of mushrooms, because you can not eat everything. Do not forget that poisoning with mushrooms can be deadly.
  10. Mushrooms

  11. ice cream
    If the summer had a flag, it would have beenThe ice cream is represented! It is eaten everywhere - in the sun and in the shade. Here is the same story as with vegetables: re-freezing can cause storage of pathogens in the product.

    Choose an ice cream fresher, see the production dates on the package, check that the packaging was whole and not filled with air. You can buy street ice cream only in trusted places.

  12. ice cream

  13. Rolls, fish
    What is included in the sushi and rolls? Raw fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood. In the heat the fish spoils with catastrophic speed, especially raw. In the summer, check fish products for freshness very pedantically.
  14. Rolls

Why risk, if you can follow your food and Avoid summer poisoning? These products require your responsible attitude. Food should not cause damage to health - only a benefit!

Advise your friends to be careful, especially with perishable food.