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Brilliant inventions

Usual things can very Expand its functionality - it is enough to change in them one tiny detail. Look at these inventions with useful and original properties. Just a feast of inventive thought!

Useful inventions

  1. Two in one - a toilet-sink. Save time and water!
  2. toilet

  3. With such round rosettes you will get a plug in them the first time!
  4. power socket

  5. Keyboard that can be washed. Now no stains from drinks and pesky crumbs.
  6. keyboard

  7. It's good to know what you have on the flash drive. It is useful to all.
  8. flash drive

  9. Who has a free flash card?
  10. Flash card

  11. Breakfast in such a bowl will be even more delicious.
  12. breakfast

  13. A puzzle board that can be used as a tray.
  14. Puzzle board

  15. A cutting board with built-in weights - for all ladies on a diet ... and not just young ladies!
  16. Chopping board

  17. A coffee mug that you can eat. Om-Nom-nom!
  18. Edible cup

  19. A set of knives made on the principle of a doll-nesting doll. Good, is not it?
  20. Set of knives

  21. The perfect set is a brush and a can of paint.
  22. a tin of paint

  23. Specially for cocktails: very convenient separator for ice.
  24. Ice separator

  25. Unusual clock - no numbers, only letters.
  26. Clock with words

  27. Interesting luggage tag. Your luggage will return to you as a boomerang!
  28. baggage tag

  29. How about a flat extension cable? What you were looking for?
  30. Flat extension

  31. The problem of the lids from beer is solved. Thanks to this bottle opener.
  32. bottle opener

  33. A set of "three in one" for sushi: sauce, sticks and a spoon. What else is needed for happiness?
  34. Chopsticks for sushi

  35. A video camera in the refrigerator, which tracks what products are missing and even can order their purchase on the Internet. This is not a fantastic story, but a new invention.
  36. fridge

  37. To print SMS and simultaneously look at the road became possible. Download a special application and enjoy your health!
  38. mobile phone

With such ideas, life is just honey! I wonder where you can buy that keyboard here? As for me, very Convenient thing!! And, probably, it is necessary to say a huge "thank you" to everyone who thought up these ingenious, but such useful inventions.

I'm sure you like these useful things. Tell them about it to your friends. Maybe they will also like something.