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20 interesting facts

If you think hard enough, many of us, having received an average education In school, and then higher - in the university, andRemained ignorant. Will not you say no? But have you ever thought about what, in fact, happens when you shove the key in the door? How does wi-fi wave propagate in the room? Or elementary - how to make paper clips?

I think, you still would like to fill your own Gaps in knowledge And see how it all happens right here and right now.

20 interesting facts that you have not been taught at school

  1. Mechanism of work of large costumes of cartoon characters.
  2. Mechanism of work of a suit

  3. How to make horns for ice cream.
  4. How to make glasses for ice cream

  5. As the beanstalk grows.
  6. Beanstalk

  7. So spreads a wi-fi signal in the apartment.
  8. Wi-fi signal

  9. What happens when you apply sunscreen.
  10. sunscreen

  11. As the helmet is covered with camouflage coloring.
  12. Helmet-covered camouflage colors

  13. So Michael Jackson managed to ignore the law of universal gravitation.
  14. Michael jackson's trick

  15. What happens when dogs drink water.
  16. The dog drinks water

  17. How coins are sorted inside the machine for counting and packing small money.
  18. Coin sorting

  19. How braces correct bite and align teeth.
  20. Brace repair

  21. As with a pipe it is generally possible to produce such a beautiful sound.
  22. Pipe working mechanism

  23. As at a bakery make pretzels.
  24. How do they do it

  25. A film set for creating blockbusters.
  26. set

  27. What happens when you put the key in the door.
  28. Key operation mechanism

  29. As we swallow.
  30. How we swallow

  31. How the hay is packed in bales.
  32. Hay in bales

  33. How the paper clips become staples.
  34. How do the paper clips

  35. Cycle of dandelion life.
  36. dandelion

  37. System of daily flights.
  38. Flight system

  39. How terrible is the human face, as long as it forms in the womb of the mother.
  40. How the face is formed in the womb

Self-education Passed on to glory! Just do not say that you knew about all this! Brag of your friends and tell them about these seemingly simple things, which few people think about.