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Good comedies

You are no longer threatened by the autumn discouragement that comes with gloomy weather. Better than a medication for sadness Comedies, You will not think up! The most wonderful actors and the sparkling humor for you. Remember that laughter not only prolongs life, but also makes it brighter!

25 most funny comedies

  1. Taming of the Shrew
    - I'll marry you, as a last resortLet's call! - The film can be disassembled into quotes, and they will all be cheerful. The indomitable Adriano Celentano will make the movie evening both romantic and not a bit boring.
  2. Taming of the Shrew

  3. mask
    Clockwork, a dynamic film, a comedy, understandable to both children and adults. Jim Carrey shines with his ability to laugh without foolishness and nagging. And you would like to find such a mask?
  4. mask

  5. police Academy
    What would happen to the police, if they took everyone there? This masterpiece can be reviewed endlessly. Cinema for those who want to laugh heartily.
  6. police Academy

  7. In jazz, only girls, or some like it hot
    This comedy became a classic of the AmericanCinematography, and the professional game of jack lemmon and tony curtis will laugh the last bore. Boys change into girls and the fun begins ...
  8. In jazz only girls

  9. Dumb and Dumber
    And again wonderful, but such a simple Jim Carrie. The story of two not very smart guys makes the audience laugh for a couple of decades. Just look how cool they are.
  10. Dumb and Dumber

  11. Acquaintance with parents
    If the father of your girlfriend is a former agent,Not worth it! The heart-rending story of getting to know your parents will turn into an excellent comedy. Robert de Niro makes the picture even more interesting.
  12. Acquaintance with parents

  13. Eurotruth
    Desperate guy looking for his beloved, whom he met by correspondence. For this he goes on a journey, which turns into a series of funny, sometimes strange adventures.
  14. Eurotruth

  15. Beaver
    Watching such films - you rest. A very simple story about an employee who dreamed of moving to the south, and got to the north. But in a cold climate there are people with hot hearts who can have fun.
  16. Beaver

  17. Mr. Bean
    Rouen atkinson - sheer spontaneity. His style is not confused with anything. It would seem that it can be ridiculous in such a stupid and unpopular way ... but he not only knows how to arrange fun, his humor is good-natured, because after watching such a film is very warm in his soul.
  18. Mr. Bean

  19. What Men Talk About
    Russian comedy about real men. Women may not appreciate some of the jokes, of course. But the world of men becomes clearer after this film!
  20. What Men Talk About

  21. Bruce Almighty
    Become a god for a while - that's an adventure! Jim Carrey danced with dignity, speaking in this role.
  22. Bruce Almighty

  23. alone at home
    The charming little boy remains at home alone and enters into confrontation with two robbers. Christmas story, very sweet and funny.
  24. alone at home

  25. Cuisine in paris
    The chef decided to conquer Paris. And what only he does not come up with to please his beloved!
  26. Cuisine in paris

  27. Hangover
    The guys are positively rested, it's clear. The main thing now is to remember the details, and the important events of the evening were somehow forgotten ... and the groom was lost. Here it is, an amusement party for boys, without any falsity.
  28. Hangover

  29. Rules of removal: the method of hitch
    Every man must have faith in love! Charming movie protagonist will convince you that real feelings and real men exist.
  30. Hetcha method

  31. peak hour
    A perfect movie for someone who wants to relax and look at the energetic jacka chan. Will he save the consul's daughter? Not a fact, but it will please you - for sure.
  32. peak hour

  33. Nine yards
    A killer of pleasant appearance laughs at his neighbor, a rather simple-hearted guy. Comedy with very good twists of the plot and Bruce Willis. Look now!
  34. Nine yards

  35. Diary of Bridget Jones
    Who will choose this pretty girl - handsome egoist or tedious, but right in every way bore? Read her diary - and find out.
  36. Diary of Bridget Jones

  37. Heartlets
    Mom and daughter are looking for wealthy men and are bred formoney. It does not sound very funny, but from this plot it turned out a quality film. Charming sigourney uiver and jennifer lav hewitt are looking for adventure and fall in love, looking at it is very interesting.
  38. Heartlets

  39. Ruthless people
    Deni de Vito tries to get rid of his quarrelsome wife. This film instantly raises the mood, making laugh to tears.
  40. Ruthless people

  41. good morning
    Stop spending so much time at work - as if this unpretentious comedy proclaims. The story of an active lady, cheerful and instructive.
  42. good morning

  43. A thousand words
    Eddie Murphy played a chatterbox who does not stop for a minute and does not want to listen to anyone else. Very easy and funny movie, it is recommended for viewing those who are tired of annoying interlocutors.
  44. A thousand words

  45. Duplex
    Humor with elements of sarcasm and chernushi presentIn this picture in abundance. The young couple moved and met an old woman who lives next door. And granny pleases them endlessly with their resourcefulness, a brisk old lady knows the sense of entertainment!
  46. Duplex

  47. nothing to lose
    Really funny dialogues of this movieMake you watch it very carefully. Even in a situation where your wife has cheated on you with your boss, do not be discouraged! To be depressed is the last thing.
  48. nothing to lose

  49. Mouse hunting
    How much effort is needed to catch a single nimble little mouse. This movie will make the whole family have fun, get together and have fun!
  50. Mouse hunting

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