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Harm to smoking

All bored with these constant stories about The dangers of smoking - too much attention is now being paid to this issue. I do not think that the inscriptions on the packs of cigarettes can stop an inveterate smoker or put a grain of doubt into it.

These photographs are irrefutable proof that smoking Harms the body very much. First of all, it affects the skin condition, it grows old and dull quickly, wrinkles appear on it quickly.

Scientists conducted research, watching a long time for the twins, one of whom smoked. Professional photographers, taking pictures of both twins, offered to evaluate their faces and Signs of aging.

Left - smoking, right - healthy twin. Look at yourself and make sure how much the face of the person who smoked changed.

Photos of smoking and non-smoking twins



Harm of smoking

Harm of smoking

Yes, this is a good reason to think about whether smoking is rational, because everyone wants to look good, Regardless of age. If you have not started smoking yet, think twice before taking the first puff. And if you smoke - well, this is the choice of everyone, but be ready for the consequences!

If you're thinking about the dangers of smoking while reading this article - tell your friends about it, because this information can save their health!