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15 best detectives

look Detectives Always as interesting as reading. Especially if they were removed in an exemplary manner, in the best traditions of this film genre.

Choose from the list provided by us a fancy film, Entertainment evening, When you can completely immerse yourself in the reality of an excellent film.

  1. "seven"
    Yes, the story of the seven deadly sins and gave the film a vivid name. Fair punishment is also a crime, and an experienced detective and his young partner will have to figure it out.
  2. The film "seven"

  3. "a game"
    A film with a completely unpredictable and fantastic ending. The director confuses the viewer and confuses him as best he can. But from this involuntarily you get pleasure.
  4. The movie "game"

  5. Grand Budapest Hotel
    This film is surprisingly reminiscent of the "shine" of the cabin in its mood. Every detail is carefully thought out, which makes the detective even more expressive.
  6. The film "grand budapest"

  7. "time to kill"
    A well-chosen cast and incredibly well-written dialogues will force to revise this tape more than once. A film in the best canons of the genre.
  8. The movie "time to kill"

  9. "Sleepy hollow"
    The magical realism of the film is manifested even in the colors of landscapes. Mysterious events in a small town sleepy hollow will not leave you indifferent.
  10. The film "sleepy hollow"

  11. "silence of the Lambs"
    Can an ogre be cute and admire your mind? hardly. Why is this film so popular? Look and find out!
  12. The film "silence of the lambs"

  13. "obsession"
    Meet a long-disappeared beloved accidentally - already a good turn of the plot. A film about the love that they seek and find.
  14. The movie "obsession"

  15. "Substitution"
    No relaxation you will not feel, delving into this story, only a tense expectation: how will it all end. For fans to tickle your nerves.
  16. The film "substitution"

  17. "Sherlock Holmes"
    A new version of the classic story, shot by Gay Richey. Classics - it is classic and almost never bothers.
  18. Sherlock Holmes movie

  19. "Primitive fear"
    The action takes place in court, and you will not tire of empathizing with the heroes and getting lost in conjecture. One of the smartest detectives, who want to review more than once.
  20. The film "primitive fear"

  21. "Red rivers"
    The story, which unfolds in the Alpine mountains. The gloomy landscape is perfectly combined with the general anxious mood. The plot is lined with enviable logicality.
  22. The film "crimson rivers"

  23. "Kissing the girls"
    But here is a hot story about an ingenious and cunning maniac. The confrontation between the forces of justice and the cold-blooded killer is a common thing, but this time the actors played just brilliant. Enjoy!
  24. The movie "kissing girls"

  25. "sixth Sense"
    Watch this movie if you have not seen it yet. Here you will find not only the charming game of the Willis Bruce, but also a masterfully wrapped, exciting and original plot.
  26. The film "sixth sense"

  27. "detective"
    Theater of prose and detective story connected. How to understand which of these two intellectuals is right? Only after understanding the situation yourself.
  28. The movie "detective"

  29. "insomnia"
    It's hard to imagine a more dramatic detective. He touches the deepest feelings and gives the feeling that the action takes place completely in front of your eyes.
  30. The film "insomnia"

Now you do not have to puzzle over what movie to watch. Let these The best detective work Will give you the greatest pleasure!

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