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Benefits of Avocado

Avocado - amazing Tropical fruit, About the benefits of which you can talk for a very long time. At our latitudes it is no longer considered something outlandish. Rather, on the contrary, the hostess is increasingly paying attention to the taste variety of home dishes, and they are also trying to build their diet so that they do not get better, or even lose weight! Avocado is the best suited for this purpose. Read it and see for yourself!

The benefits of avocado

  1. From avocados do not get better!
    Firstly, avocado is the sourceMonounsaturated fats (which are also abundant in olive oil), which helps maintain a healthy heart. Secondly, the fruit is rich in fiber, which alleviates hunger, cleanses the intestines and promotes weight loss. Studies have shown that avocado is the best snack between basic meals. It quickly quenches the feeling of hunger, does not cause obesity and is not as harmful as sandwiches.
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  3. Avocado - real vitamin bouMba!
    Like many superfoods, this fruit isA real vitamin bomb, or, as nutritionists say, "a nutritional gold mine." Besides useful monounsaturated fats, avocado contains a huge amount of nutrients. For example, more than 14 minerals, 18 essential amino acids, soluble fibers (fiber), phytosterols, polyphenols, carotenoids (antioxidants), omega 3 fatty acids; Vitamins of the b-complex, c, e and k.
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  5. Prolongs health, beauty and youth of the body
    All of the above trace elements bringAn enormous benefit to the body. They supply the brain with nutrients, protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, eye diseases, liver and urogenital system. Useful fats and fiber regulate the level of sugar in the blood, prevent inflammation, promote weight loss.
  6. Perfectly combined with other products
    Fresh fragrance and delicate taste of this tropicalFruit is perfectly combined with a huge number of products. Avocado can be added to salads, desserts, fish and meat dishes, making sauces, mousses, fillings, drinks and ice cream on its basis.
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  8. Fruits are stored for a long time, and they can be purchased for future use
    If you do not like avocados, then you or notTried it, or ate it. True fans of this fruit recommend buying it hard and provide ripening already at home. For this put one or two fruits in a brown paper bag with an apple or a banana. Only 2-3 days, and this "neighborhood" will accelerate the process of maturation. Replace the ripened fruit with a solid and repeat the procedure!


Few know that it is possible to grow avocados evenOn the windowsill. And with proper care it will be possible not only to enjoy the beautiful greenery, but also the fruits! Have your friends still not tried avocado? Rather tell them about these amazing properties that support the body in a tonus and help you lose weight!