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15 inventions of the future

If you are a dreamer who, as a child, was fond of science fiction, this article will bring you into an enthusiastic state. The reality of the future comes from everywhere! these Amazing inventions With new and unusual functions for us - a vivid proof of this.

Technical progress pleases with its speed, new ideas of scientists are already being implemented slowly. All for our comfort!

Inventions from the future

  1. Sockets with built-in usb-connectors and flashlights. Extremely convenient, as for me.
  2. Sockets with usb-sockets

  3. To pay off in the subway, tokens are no longer needed! It is enough simply to send an empty plastic bottle or any other container for recycling. With such an invention, the planet will definitely become purer.
  4. Payment in metro

  5. A mug that collects droplets in a special groove below. I want this.
  6. Cup

  7. Batteries, which can be easily recharged from the usb-connector. What a saving!
  8. Batteries

  9. This wonderful device will charge your phone, using for energy the temperature of a hot or cold drink at hand. Well, just a shot from a fantastic series ...
  10. Glass and telephone

  11. Just attach a small chip to the phone, wallet and other valuable things - voila! You can easily locate them using a program installed on your smartphone.
  12. Keys and wallet

  13. Home cinema on the floor of the bathroom or toilet. Bust, of course, but many fans of multimedia will like it.
  14. restroom

  15. Solar charger. It is high time to use alternative energy sources.
  16. Solar charging

  17. Light signals in this parking show availability. The confusion will not be exact.
  18. Parking

  19. So it's easy to put a bicycle here and fix it. Besides, such a bicycle holder will not disturb anyone.
  20. Parking for a bicycle

  21. Headphones that do not get tangled! The limit of dreams.
  22. headphones for a mobile phone

  23. Traffic light with a countdown directly on the luminous area. Drivers will appreciate.
  24. traffic light

  25. A pen that can read color from any object and write in such a shade! magic.
  26. Pen that reads the color

  27. Machine that makes pizza, whatever you want.
  28. Pizza machine

  29. A backpack with a hood - a rescue from a bad weather. All students should be like that!
  30. Backpack with a hood

Did you like these inventions? It is a feeling that these things would have long ago become widespread consumption. really Useful ideas To improve life.

Tell your friends about these amazing new technology, let them be in the know!