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Engagement ring with your own hands

This guy decided to do really An unusual gift for your beloved. Instead of throwing out several thousand dollars for the wedding ring, he made it himself.

The process of making such a surprise is shown below. The result is simply delicious!

How to make a beautiful engagement ring

  1. First he made a hole for the finger inside the titanium rod.
  2. Engagement ring

  3. Then he made a groove on the inside of the ring.
  4. Engagement ring

  5. He filled this groove with a strip of palladium ...
  6. Engagement ring

  7. Twisting it around the ring.
  8. Engagement ring

  9. He filled a small gap in the strip of palladium with its solder, which melts at a temperature of 1000 degrees.
  10. Engagement ring

  11. Here is the finished strip.
  12. Engagement ring

  13. After that he Polished ring.
  14. Engagement ring

  15. Now one of the most important things is the holder for the diamond.
  16. Engagement ring

  17. He secured it on the palladium strip.
  18. Engagement ring

  19. You can install a diamond.
  20. Engagement ring

  21. But that's what he did.
  22. Engagement ring

No girl girl can not resist, having received such an original gift. Because he put his whole soul into making a surprise for his beloved. I hope that this guy got his "yes."

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