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15 ideas for a cosiness in the house

You do not like the look of some objectsYour interior? This is not an excuse to be upset. You can always find a way to disguise such a detail. Just a little imagination and these items will become an integral part of the interior.

"so simple!" Recommends you 15 ideas for creating comfort in your house.

Lifshaki for creating comfort in the house

  1. An ordinary self-adhesive tape will turn your washing machine into a work of art, you just need to add fantasy.
  2. Original washing machine

  3. The cable, located in a conspicuous place, can be transformed into a vine by means of colored clips.
  4. Colored cable clamps

  5. Laundry baskets can be hidden in the chest of drawers.
  6. Laundry basket in the dresser

  7. Wires behind the desk can be easily hidden behind a regular curtain.
  8. Wires behind the curtain

  9. If you are annoyed by a lonely hanging switch, it will be invisible among the pictures.
  10. How to disguise the switch

  11. With such a charging station you will forget about looking for a free outlet or your gadgets around the house.
  12. Uninterruptible power supply

  13. To leave a note chalk on the refrigerator, it is enough to paint it with special paint.
  14. Fridge-board

  15. If your modem does not fit into the interior, put it in a nice box.
  16. Modem in the box

    Modem in the box

  17. Or in the cover of the book.
  18. Modem in the cover

    Modem in the cover

  19. Bowls for your dog can be hidden in a pre-converted box.
  20. Bowls for a dog in a box

  21. From the cord from the headphones you can build a power line.
  22. Wires


  23. Refit the nightstand for the cat's toilet.
  24. Bedside table for cat litter

    Bedside table for cat litter

  25. Your jewelry can be stored in a cache behind the picture.
  26. Cache after picture

  27. If you hook the hooks to the inner edge of the table, you can hide the wires on them.
  28. Wires

  29. Having converted a box in a chest of drawers, in it it is possible to hide the printer.
  30. Printer in the commode

Taking note of these ideas, you can To create a cosiness In his home and hide all the things that do not fit into his interior. Add a little imagination, and you create an atmosphere of comfort in your home!

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