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15 habits of sensitive people

Do you care about trifles more than others? Do you always think about what people around you feel? Do you prefer a quiet and peaceful environment?

If all of the above is about you, you are verySensitive. This character trait was first investigated in the early 1990s. It is believed that every fifth person in the world is hypersensitive. There are many books devoted to this topic. One of them describes Habits of highly sensitive people. Find out if this character trait is inherent in you.

How behave highly sensitive people

  1. Sensitive people go deep into the nature of things
    They feel everything is much stronger than others. Emotional people try to think a lot about what is happening and to delve into the very essence of things. Often they go too far.
  2. They are more emotional
    Another distinguishing feature of the nature of such people is that they are much stronger than others react to any situation. They will be very worried about their friends if they have problems.
  3. They are often asked why they are so sensitive
    In different countries excessive sensitivityTake either as a negative or as a positive feature. A poll was conducted and it was found out that sensitive people from Thailand in childhood were teased much less than those in North America.
  4. They prefer to go in for sports alone

    Very sensitive people often avoid team sports. They prefer cycling, running and other individual sports.

  5. They need more time to make decisions
    Sensitive people need a lot of time to make decisions, even if there is no wrong choice. For example, they will choose for a very long time which ice cream to buy.
  6. Even more difficult they are given solutions, where there is an incorrect option
    All people are afraid to make the wrong choice. Sensitive people have this fear much stronger, because they all take much closer to heart.
  7. They are very fixated on the details
    They notice all the details and minute changes in their environment.
  8. Not all of them are introverts
    About 30% of sensitive people are extrovert by nature. It largely depends on the society in which they were brought up.
  9. They work well in a team
    A sheet of paper on a table

    These people, thanks to their deep thoughts, can be very useful members in any team. They will analyze and think through everything to the smallest detail.

  10. They are more prone to depression
    Sensitive people often loosen their nervous system by excessive emotionality, which often leads to nervous breakdowns and depressions.
  11. They are irritable
    There are many different things that annoy ordinary people. These same things irritate sensitive people much more.
  12. Horror movies - the worst thing
    Blank cinema

    They take even what is happening in the film too close to the heart and empathize with the heroes.

  13. They are easy to make cry
    So close people should treat them with understanding and try not to affect their feelings.
  14. They have good manners
    In highly sensitive people is well developed conscience. They are very attentive and punctual.
  15. They take criticism seriously
    Any criticism of such people brings a lot of excitement. Because you need to carefully choose the words in a conversation with them.

Excessive sensitivity - not a bad character trait at all. Such people are very kind in nature and will never give up in trouble. They will crawl out of your skin to help you solve your problems. So be gentle with them. Try not to touch them and so acute feelings.