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Pictures about friendship

sincerely be friends Not everyone knows how. Everyone knows the basic generally accepted rules of friendship, but, alas, they do not always follow them. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to feel what a real, just and strong friendship is!

these Cute pictures Help you remember about the unspoken code of friends. So touching and cute to look at these footage from the life of a girl and a cat who know how to be friends. A girl can forgive a cat everything, because they are friends, and he will never leave her in trouble.

what is friendship"?

Friendship is patience

Friendship is support

Friendship is devotion

Friendship is a risk

Friendship is respect

Friendship is responsibility

Friendship is sacrifice

Friendship is trust

I liked most about the picture about respect. It seems like an important cat wants to say - do you respect me?

You amused these wonderful pictures? Please them with your friends, let them remember what friendship is!