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20 inventions that make life easier

Every day, scientists invent dozens of things that should make life easier for us. Most of them are meaningless. but Inventions, Which "so simple!" For you prepared today, really admire. Taking one of these items in hand, you do not want to part with it!

Inventions for everyday life

  1. Hot oil knife
  2. Hot knife

  3. Wi-fi-pen
    Written by you on paper immediately appears on the screen of your gadget.
  4. Wi-fi-pen

  5. No buttons or pins
    On this board the paper is kept static.
  6. Static board

  7. Superplasticum
    This substance can take any form, and after drying it adheres to any surface.
  8. plasticine

  9. Steel tablets for cooling
    They are absolutely inert and are capable of cooling the liquid.
  10. Steel tablets

  11. Balls for warming up
    They heat up themselves and are able to heat the liquid into which they were placed.
  12. Balls for warming up

  13. Rag-jelly for cleaning hard-to-reach places
  14. Rag-jelly

  15. Lower knob
  16. Lowercase pen

  17. Telephone plug
  18. Telephone plug

  19. Suitcase-room
    This suitcase is transformed into a room with a bed, a table, a chair, a lamp and a screen.
  20. Suitcase-room


  21. Rocking chair for charging iphone or ipad
    To fully charge the phone, it takes three hours to ride in the chair.
  22. rocking chair

  23. Folding electric scooter moveo
    This electric scooter turns into a suitcase weighing 25 kilograms.
  24. Electric scooter

    Electric scooter

  25. Cup that squeezes tea bags
  26. a cup

  27. Magnetic egg forming a nest of staples
  28. Magnetic egg

  29. Candy sorting device by colors
  30. Candy sorting machine

  31. Dream control mask
    Thanks to the built-in LED mask you can control your dreams.
  32. Dream mask

  33. Form for fried eggs "sun on a plate"
  34. Form for scrambled eggs

  35. Container with timer
    It will not open until the time set on the timer matches.
  36. Container with timer

  37. A flower pot that will not fall
  38. flower pot

  39. Universal cutlery
  40. Cutlery

Such inventions fully correspond to their mission. they Simplify your life And make it much easier.

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