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13 habits of a Russian person

Fraternal peoples have preserved a great deal similar. All who lived in Russia and the CIS countries are native people. There is an incredible amount of things that unite such different people into one big family, because everyone is used to doing the same things in a similar way. It happened because the childhood and the living conditions of many were practically the same.

Read these lovely Features of Russian In the soul of people. Do not be surprised, but you will surely recognize yourself and your loved ones in the habits listed below. So cool when you realize that you are not the only one!

Typically Russian habits

  1. Dress up before going to the store
    It's no secret that at home Russian people can look like horrible. But when you need to go to the store for groceries, the fashion mode turns on. Wonderful transformation!
  2. Squat down
    This tradition is familiar to everyone. In fact, it is very useful. When you're in a hurry, you can forget something important, and at the time of this ancient custom there is a chance to remember it. Let's sit down on the path!
  3. To make long toasts
    We love to talk - it's a fact, and the feast just contributes to the manifestation of this trait. Only the last lazy person will not shine with eloquence with a glass in his hand.
  4. Tell anecdotes
    This also applies to the habit of maintaining a conversation, as and where possible. Anecdotes - a favorite moment in the conversations of many wonderful people.
  5. Congratulate each other after the bath
    "With a light steam!" Is a traditional formulation that lives and thrives. It is customary to speak after a bath and even after a shower. Lovely words cause an upbeat mood and a smile on your face.
  6. Give an honest and detailed answer to a simple question
    It is not customary for us to give answers on duty, so we answer the question "how are you doing?", As follows. It's very touching and fun.
  7. Worlds

    Sincerity is one of the recognizable traits of characterRussian people. So to really smile at the person with whom he just met his gaze, no one will. A smile is a precious gift reserved for loved ones.

  8. Celebrate the new year with aplomb
    Such a scope does not know any other holiday. So historically, that Christmas always stands in second place.
  9. Love and quote Soviet cartoons
    This is a real treasury of wisdom, without anyOf doubt. Loved from childhood cartoons carry a lot of meaning, there are character characters who can teach a lot. And songs what! So there is something to quote and be proud of.
  10. Traditionally to speak all women "girl"
    Whatever age there is a female representative, we call it that way. A girl is a waitress, a girl is a seller in a store far beyond 30, a girl is a casual passer-by.
  11. Talk over dinner in the kitchen
    There is to say - one of the most favorite occupations of all the Russian people's soul. How much can be discussed in the kitchen!
  12. Store packages
    Just get up and see how many sachets are collected from you and make a small revision. Everyone in the house has such a special cherished place for packages.
  13. Do not go on a visit empty-handed
    Another touching tradition - no trips to guests without a hotel. Generosity, openness, friendliness in all its glory!

Well, did you recognize yourself and your loved ones? Brotherly hearts always beat to the beat. These characteristics are very good for Russian people.

Take care of the very best Habits and traditions, Peculiar to your people. If you liked this article, then show it to everyone!