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Marry or not

If you are tired of the confusion in the relationship, fromConstant suffering and nerves, this article may be very useful to you. Writer Brooke Hampton wrote a short essay on an exciting topic and did it with a soul. She is a loving mother and successful entrepreneur in Texas. On her own experience Brook was convinced that following stereotypes in Building a personal life - means to harm yourself and your loved one.

"so simple!" Publishes it Recourse So that you will listen to the thoughts of this wise woman and become happier. These thoughts are provocative, but they have a certain meaning.

Is it worth it to get married?

"... marry - you will be sorry, and do not marry -You will be sorry. So marry - do not marry, you will regret in any case. In any case, you will still regret ... I personally am not a big fan of marriage. A generally accepted institution of marriage very restricts talented people. Trying to create an ideal family, as from advertising on TV, people spend so much energy that it does not remain any more.

I do not like traditional rituals with rings,Veil and dress, like a cake - it looks stupid and does not mean anything at all. A sense of ownership and so inherent in all of us, we are selfish creatures. Marriage only aggravates it. No freedom, you are mine, I am yours, and all that.

Why does this happen? It would seem, such a wonderful idea, such a high goal - the unity of two souls - becomes an incomprehensible adventure, where there are only losers. My life experience prompts a simple answer. The fact is that morally imposed morals propagate the assertion that in order to be a happy, full-fledged person, you need someone else. second half. You must complement each other and live happily ever after.

I will reveal the secret: Until you become independent, self-sufficient, you can not build a successful relationship.

I live with a man for 15 years, we are very happy friendFriend, we have a strong alliance built on mutual understanding. We are together, but at the same time - everyone is left alone when it comes to self-development, self-interest. We do not need each other, but we enjoy each other. These are different things, agree. Dependent relationships - not for people like us. Each can independently create real magic around his person, and when two such people are together, real magic is born!

In order to improve your relationship, You must understand what you want. If you need a person with whom you will travel the world and have a good intimate relationship, you will get such a person. But do not be surprised if he does not call you to marry.

If your goal was different, for example, giving birth to children and living in a small private house outside the city, you would meet someone completely different. Understand yourself, realize your desires - this is very important.

a family

One more thing that probably worried youat least once. One should realize that not all connections in our life are obliged to be reduced to traditional relations. You met a man who seemed incredibly dear to you? Like a kindred soul. Maybe there was something between you ...

So, the fact that you met is already happiness. Even if the circumstances have developed so that you can not be together, it does not matter. Such a meeting has done a lot for you, you have become better, helped each other. It will be rewarded to everyone.

Let go of native people, let them beFree. Then there is a hope that everything will be fair, to be honest - no one holds anyone, but over time the need to be close becomes so natural that amazing things happen by themselves. Try to change the sense of ownership, jealousy, the desire to possess kindness and understanding, and you will see how your situation will change.

I advise you to crack ideas of love andMarriage, imposed by society. Do you know a lot of couples who are happy together? Who all really well? Perhaps, there are very few of them. Basically the usual family institute suffers defeat. But this does not mean that you do not need to get married!

Everyone chooses for themselves, what is most important for himIs suitable. Do not follow the stereotypes of society, stop focusing on what others think about you. Find your ideal way of developing personal relationships, find a person who understands you. It's not difficult at all, the main thing is to want! The norm for everyone, everyone sees happiness in their own way. I believe that you will succeed. "

This information can be very useful to you, if you have any internal doubts about your relationship. Remember that you can look at everything from different sides.

Let your life be filled with happiness and magic Of love. If you wanted to talk about this article to others, then it was written for good reason.