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Lessons of happiness of the Buddha

For sure everyone was wondering Life harmony and balance. But in our life there are so many distractionsAnd so little spiritual, that sometimes these thoughts just get out of sight. In such a dynamic world it is difficult to imagine yourself sitting under the Bodhi tree until complete enlightenment.

This was the way of the Prince of Gautama, moreKnown as a buddha. He was not a god and did not claim his divine origin. Buddha was a man who, with the help of tremendous efforts of the heart and mind, surpassed all his limitations. Today "so simple!" Wants to share lessons Enlightenment, Which will become the next step in your life.

Buddha lessons


  1. Start with small
    Patience and consistency - recipe for success In all endeavors. The jug is filled gradually, drop by drop. The process can not be neglected, and the process itself consists of small details. Every master began his let from the disciple. Success comes to those who are ready to start small and work hard until the pitcher is filled.
  2. Watch your thoughts
    Our consciousness is the creator of the world in which we live. all Thoughts are material, And you will certainly become what you want. If a person speaks or acts with bad thoughts, he is haunted by pain. If a person speaks or acts with pure intentions, then happiness follows him, which, like a shadow, will never leave him.

    The hygiene of thoughts is as important as the hygiene of the body, because all actions arise because of the mind. And negative thoughts are destructive energy, capable of ruining even the most talented person.

  3. Know how to forgive
    To restrain anger in oneself is like grabbingA hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else, but it's you who will burn. Liberating and forgiving a person, you yourself become free and open to new opportunities, to development and to harmony. You can not suppress anyone, without suppressing yourself, either. Learn to forgive and farewell as soon as possible.
  4. Your actions matter
    Action is the only condition for development, and forA successful development should be done every day! Do not build walls - just every day, put the bricks as best as possible. Constant movement, accompanied by actions, necessarily lead to the best result.

    The proverb says: "God gives each bird a worm, but does not throw it into the nest." The Buddha said: "I do not believe in the destiny that falls on people when they act, but I believe in the destiny that falls on them if they do not act."

  5. Show understanding
    The struggle for truth has turned into an endlessStruggle for oneself. Not showing understanding to others, do not expect to understand you. Make every effort, understand and accept the point of view of another person and you will find peace. In life it's more important to be happy than right.
  6. Conquer
    It is better to defeat yourself than to win thousands of battles. Then the victory will belong to you alone. Victory over oneself Is a victory over reason, that is, control over thoughts. They should not rage like sea waves.

    If you doubt that thoughts are amenableControl, think over this phrase enlightened: "you can not forbid the bird to fly over you, but you certainly can prevent it from making a nest on your head."

  7. Harmony within you
    Do not look outside what can only be in youra heart. Often we seek harmony around ourselves, only to distract from reality. The truth is that harmony can only be found within yourself. Harmony is not a new job, not a new car or a new marriage. Harmony is a world in the soul, and it begins with you.
  8. Thank
    Stop your thoughts and remember, at least 10 things, you should be thankful for. Think about the fact that not everyone was able to wake up this morning and here you are already the first Reason for gratitude. Expand your heart and soul with gratitude and it will necessarily answer you with the inner harmony to which we all so strive!

The buddha gave the world The doctrine of life, Which was intended to teach peopleTo enjoy great truths in everyday life. He taught the ethics of life. We all ask ourselves questions of the appearance and ethics of behavior in society, but without the awareness and further development of our inner world, all efforts are vain - behind the well-groomed appearance lies pure ignorance. Such an imbalance creates mental suffering.

Remember these lessons and look Harmony within Yourself. Tell your friends about these lessons - they will certainly be grateful to you!