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How not to be a fat, lazy pig

Quite a lot of people are unhappy with their lives. They complain about work, overweight, disorder in the head and in life. Usually this ends up. "so simple!" Prepared for you A story A person who has taken a different path. At the age of 34 he felt almost an old man. But unlike the gray mass, he heard an alarm and decided to conclude an agreement with himself. Find out what happened.

I was 34 years old when I realized that I had turned into a fat, lazy pig.

I felt very bad, I achedHeart, joints. But the main motive to change my life was fright - fright after when I saw my face in a photo in the company of friends. Then I swore that I could change myself for the better.

I shovel out of the pit.

The first thing I did was look at myself. From the side. The sight was creepy. In the apartment, littered with various souvenirs, walled with walls and shelves, stuffed with papers, books and all sorts of small things, sat a stubborn, flabby man. When this man passed on a tiny, littered kitchen and opened a food-stuffed refrigerator, his fingers trembled with weakness and chronic hunger.

My condition could be called so: Panic and depression. I did not understand what was happening to me, my lifeOut of control. All around somewhere was pulling, tearing me apart: posters on the walls - rest. Souvenirs, paintings and long-standing gifts, squashed in the corners - at a time that has long since passed. Refrigerator - for a dense meal and for later rest. And voices from the telephone receiver shouted for me to get off the couch, crawled to the table and began to work.

So, here's what I did to not beTorn to pieces. I turned off the phone. Then I started cleaning up everything that called me somewhere, everything that I was tied up with in the past. I threw out souvenirs and memorable gifts, extra books and magazines, all the things that I collected as a plushkin, threw away some of the furniture from the house. I cleaned the kitchen of junk, from excess food and dishes leaving only what was really needed.

It was the most crazy action in my life.

In a few days I observed myself in a cleanApartment with white walls, behind the windows of which the first February snow was virginally white. In the office there was a table and my working chair, in the bedroom there was only a bed and a linen closet. In the clean kitchen in front of me was revealed the empty space of the refrigerator, where only those products were lying that were simple and understandable for realization: meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese. In the white kitchen cupboard you could find only bread and wine.

And there was a real miracle. The boundaries that were pushing at me have vanished, have disappearedLinking me. When I used to go out on the street, some force pulled me back, into my "hole". Now my emptied house let go of me, and I walked with pleasure along the snow-covered streets. About the sport of speech until there was no. But the important thing was that I magically became completely free!

And at home I was waiting for the smooth surface of the table, on which was only necessary. After a while, I suddenly realized what the most important document in life I need to write.

I decided to come up with and sign a contract with myself on the most favorable terms.

That's what I got.

  1. Job
    Now I only take up what attracts me, what I understand. Let me be fired, but I refuse to do what is off balance. I do not want to live in aggression.
  2. Street
    Because I have to work for days, II appoint myself a promotion as an exit on the street. I thought of the system of walks in such a way: I did something sensible - I got up and left. Even for a few minutes, it does not matter. And it does not matter - I work at home or I'm in the office. Now there is nowhere such hard laws that a person could not afford to go out into the street. And do not smoke, namely on the street!
  3. smoking
    From now on I do not smoke where I like, especially forWork desk. A place for smoking at home I appointed a balcony. Very uncomfortable winter place, and this is a plus: for a long time you will not stay. The cigarette will also be a prize: for having worked, and then strolled along the street. In this sequence: work - street - cigarette. As a result of such an experiment a pack a day decreased to five cigarettes: coming from the street, I rushed to the work table, not thinking about smoking.
  4. food
    In no case do I starve myself, but I understandThe difference between the words to eat and eat. I eat only elementary food, simple. That is, the immense cheburek is unknown to what and from where I replace it with something natural, pure, natural. It's not about the rarity of the diet: the food on the plate is simple to perceive.
  5. alcohol
    From this day it is a medicine. The medicine helps if it is somehow dosed. And the truth is: beer cleanses the body, brandy expands blood vessels, wine helps to relax. But only in deliberate, moderate doses.
  6. I am in the future
    Put in front of a prominent place photoMyself in a few years, on which I look and on which level. It can be a handsome actor or a person who I like; But by default it's me in five years. You can laugh, but the body in an amazing way adopts information from my ideal, applying it to myself.
  7. Me and my loved ones
    I promise not to drag into my entertaining game, butOn a personal example I will demonstrate that, as I live, I live happily and interestingly. Do not pull because our vibrations may not coincide. We from the very beginning agreed: the wife leaves on street when it is convenient to her; I go out when I feel like it. If our walks take place at the same time, this is a great happiness. But never stand at the door and do not whine: "Maybe you'll still go? See how wonderful it is! "The same conclusion about a joint meal is the most slippery moment in family relations:" how? !! " Will not you eat my chicken ?! You do not love me and never loved in my life! "We decided: no action, because the other wants so. Together only if our desires are shared.

In half a year among the same as me, fat, IHe was known as a "noncompany" person, because he did not drink, did not smoke and did not visit bars with everyone else. While I began to work very efficiently, and on the street, the energy was enough to even run. Then I met those wonderful athletes who shouted: "Man, if you want to run, you need sneakers!"

And I went for the sneakers.

Yuri Balabanov

In this photo I'm 52 years old. I'm not telling you this in order to get more admiring comments, but because there is no idea for me that everything is lost and that life has passed by. It's never too late to drink Borjomi. The main thing is to want and ... to receive real pleasure from life.

That's what simple conclusions can be drawn: everything around us is also inside us, fills our soul. The chaos around us creates chaos in the body. Our body can not work properly in chaos.

Author: Yuri Balabanov

If you do not Happy with his life, Change it. Change yourself, change your habits and social circle. Do only what you like! If you do not change yourself, you will be the happiest person. You just want to and everything will turn out!