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Interesting facts about reading

In our days people are reading a lot in reality. Countless messages, a news feed non-stop, favorite blogs on the Internet ... but the books are nothing to replace. exactly Reading books Helps a person to improve like no other way.

Reading books is a universal way to saveA living mind even in old age. The ability to translate words into mental images is good for cognitive functions. When you read, your vocabulary becomes richer, memory improves, you yourself become an interesting storyteller.

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Here are some interesting facts about reading that will make you look at this kind of pastime in a new way. Choose The book, And you will never regret!

Facts about reading

  1. I read bitterly at a speed of four thousand words per minute.
  2. In the xvii century, Nicolas Groglie de Serviera inventedA machine for speeding up the reading of books: the likeness of a mill wheel with books for books instead of blades, on which several books were simultaneously placed on the required pages.
  3. Edison read 2-3 lines at once, memorizing the text almost by pages due to maximum concentration.
  4. At fast reading fatigue of eyes is less, than at slow.
  5. 95% of people read very slowly - 180-220 words per minute (1 page in 1.5-2 minutes).
  6. The level of understanding in traditional reading is 60%, with a rapid 80%.
  7. For an hour the eyes of the 57-minute-reader are fixed on the text, that is, they are in relative peace.
  8. Balzac read the novel in two hundred pages for half an hour.
  9. When reading the eye of the reader, looking at different letters, transmit different images, and the brain combines them into one picture.
  10. A trained reader can watch four programs in parallel without problems, switching channels all the time.
  11. The eyes of a person with average reading skills make 12-16 stops on one book line, reading fast - 2-4 stops.
  12. The reading person does not need high-calorie food to cope with the burdens of boring life. Reading people are much less prone to excess weight.
  13. With a slow reading, there are 0.5-0.7 unreasonable returns to the read one line. The students have 20 regressive movements per line, the students - 15.
  14. Napoleon read at a speed of two thousand words per minute.
  15. The average American college graduate reads only 5 books in his entire life after graduation.


You liked these Facts about reading? It is worth telling about them to those who read little - so you will interest your friends, remind them how important it is to read books. Do not be like an average college graduate!