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20 sites for inspiration

When the capricious muse leaves you, it's about timeRemember that on the Internet - full of creative people who created no less remarkable resources for all the followers of artistic thinking. These 20 Interesting sites - a real treasure! You can get lost in a kaleidoscope of vivid impressions for a long time. Choose what finds a response in your soul and create your own masterpieces. Inspiration can always be found if there is a desire.

Interesting and inspiring sites

  1. Pinterest
    Photos, posters and unusual pictures are collected here on different subjects. Very convenient, and you can add your own works here.
  2. Pinterest

  3. One eye land
    Photographers will come to absolute delight from this site! A lot of original ideas for photos.
  4. One eye land

  5. The oodles of doodles pool
    Drawings created with the help of computer technology - magical, ornate - will be interesting for viewing even by those who are far from drawing.
  6. The oodles of doodles pool

  7. Dribble
    A real social network for designers! Here you can share your thoughts about the work and stock up on new ideas from someone else's feed.
  8. Dribble

  9. Lovely package
    Packaging design is an art, beyond any doubt. Make sure of these amazing examples of the design of packages of a variety of products.
  10. Designspiration
    The name of this site speaks for itself. A selection of logos, illustrations, business cards, posters, packages, architectural solutions, spreads of magazines and books. There is something to be inspired!
  11. Designspiration

  12. ofigenno.cc
    This site will make you experience extraordinaryBright emotions! All the most interesting in the network, impressive and touching for the living - here. It is worth starting to look and read how inspiration and unusual mood will take possession of you completely.
  13. Ofigenno

  14. Typography served served
    Intricate fonts and various examples of creative typography can be found here.
  15. Typography served served

  16. Behance
    Another resource where you can put onGeneral review of their work and discuss others with passion. More recently, this could not be dreamed of, now the possibilities of the Internet give you an endless space for self-development.
  17. Behance

  18. The dieline
    Packaging design for professionals.
  19. The dieline

  20. Vimeo
    Art-video - the hobby of this site. On youtube this is not found!
  21. Vimeo

  22. Logopond
    Logos and ideas for their creation are collected on this site.
  23. Logopond

  24. The book cover archive
    From such beauty eyes run up! The best examples of the design of book covers, they can be considered forever ...
  25. The book cover archive

  26. Visual complexity
    Complex, multi-layered images, with a sense and simply beautiful - a source of visual pleasure.
  27. Graphic exchange
    Graphic design and illustration is a very broad branch of the activities of many people. Here is an impressive collection of works.
  28. Graphic exchange

  29. Buamai
    Extreme design, crumbling standard ideas about a lot. Look and be surprised!
  30. Buamai

  31. Ffffound
    Look what I found - this site shares the best pictures and photos found on the web.
  32. Ffffound

  33. Pattern tap
    Tricks and tricks of graphic design, different usefulness for everyone, whose activities are connected with it.
  34. Pattern tap

  35. Note point
    Best examples of powerpoint presentations. Learn with pleasure.
  36. Note point

  37. Information is beautiful
    Such an aesthetical presentation of information you will not find anywhere else! Incredibly worthy site.

    Information is beautiful

Now you know where to find strength and ideas for new achievements! Look not to see enough. Even it is difficult to choose which resource is the most interesting, all in their own way are unique.

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