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5 films about moral choice

These films will not leave anyone indifferent. If you have a difficult life situation, you are faced with a difficult choice or you are in doubt about something - see the thematic cinema. Classic films Raise eternal questions, review them, you understand that the sides of good and evil only seem so different - in life everything is much more complicated. Maybe these films will tell you the answer ...

Films about a complex moral choice

  1. "Sophie's choice" (1982, Alan J. Pakula)
    A wonderful actor in this movie hasgreat importance. You immediately like the quiet, sweet and shy Sophie, played by the maryl strip. Her relationship with a psychopath nathan leads the viewer into perplexity: how does she tolerate all this? why? Because their life is like a pendulum - then they arrange a costume party with champagne, then they part forever ...

    However, in the course of action, you will understand what is holdingSophie near this impulsive person. It was thanks to him that she found the strength to live further after the horrors that fell to her lot. Sophie faced such a terrible choice that it is impossible to imagine - the Nazis were offering her to choose which of her children should die in the gas chamber. This movie will change your idea of ​​many things.

  2. Select sophi

  3. "12 angry men" (1952, Sydney lumet)
    For sixty years the movie is not a bit old. This simple story is won by many other directors, including Nikita Mikhalkov. The popularity of history is quite understandable - when it comes to life and death, people are awakening extraordinary interest.

    11 jurors vote confirmed by votingThat the defendant is guilty. And only one of them understands how important a human life is, and can not send to an electric chair a living being whose guilt has not been proven absolutely. After all, if there is even the slightest doubt, a person can be innocent and die simply because the jury is exhausted from the heat and boredom during the court session.

  4. 12 angry men

  5. "Ascent" (1976, Larissa Shepitko)
    Vasily bulls wrote a very strong book onWhich they shot this drama. Here the question of betrayal is widely and multifaceted: while you are in a comfortable position, under normal circumstances, it seems to you that you will be faithful to yourself and your convictions until the end. But in an extreme situation, when life and death are at stake, it is impossible to predict how this or that person behaves.

    A film about true friendship and betrayal in the ranksMilitary. Two guerrillas fall into German captivity, and each of them symbolizes a certain image - one commits a betrayal, but remains a faithful companion to the end, the second - ends life in a loop, exhausted to the limit, but true to his convictions. Is loyalty to your country of human life? Everyone should think about it himself.

  6. Ascent

  7. "Conformist" (1970, Bernardo Bertolucci)
    The film with the genius of camera work, thisA beautiful picture, which you will see very little. But the plot is creepy. The story of a true traitor who betrays everyone and everything. A woman who sincerely loves him, a communist professor, friends ... first he cooperates with the fascists, and when their movement crashes, he pours dirt on what he admired the day before.

    Is this person capable of loving someone,Except yourself? It seems that it is unlikely. This film, like a bucket of cold water, rolls over the understanding that in the modern world of such characters - is complete. They are at every turn. They lie, use others for their own purposes and do not keep fidelity to anyone and nothing. Let in the life of each of us such "heroes" will be less ...

  8. conformist

  9. "The era of innocence" (1993, Martin Scorsese)
    A psychological film that teaches to think andMake up your own opinion about what you saw. Very beautifully dressed people try not only to look impeccable, but also to behave the way society dictates them. In the end, the protagonists become victims, bringing their sincere feelings to the altar of generally accepted morality.

    What to choose - a favorite woman or approvalSurrounding? Tormented by passions characters are very picturesque, looking at everything that happens is difficult, but at the same time - it's so beautiful! A film about love meant for everyone.

  10. Age of innocence

Let in your life there will never be situations when it is necessary to do so Difficult choice, As in these films. But if there are any difficulties - remember that you can adequately behave in any situation.

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