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Exercises for training the whole body at home

Slender, tight legs with such a simple price - it's the same dream come true! Doing 3 exercises a day, you can Improve the figure In just one month. Features of this training is that it gives a uniform load on all problem areas: hips, abdomen, hands, calves of legs. Be guided by an excellent result and get down to classes as soon as you finish reading the article! Your forms will become even more seductive, the waist - pronounced, and the hips - elastic.

wherein Flexibility of the body Will increase. Do not do the exercises too quickly, everything should be smooth and gradual. In fact, the slower you will perform these movements, the more stunning the effect will be!

Exercises for the whole body

  1. Stand straight, lift your arms up, feet shoulder-width apart. Feel the tension in the muscles of the arms and back, stretch. Prepare to do the first exercise.
    Exercise for the body

    Crouch low, with your hands up. Watch that your back is straight, your arms are raised as much as possible, the toes of the feet are looking in different directions. Sit down as deeply as possible, slowly and as if stretch upwards. Just return slowly to the starting position, holding your hands up. It is the hands raised upwards that increase the load 2 times during the exercise! Start with 20 repetitions, increase them every day by 10.

  2. Exercise for the body

  3. Lie on the floor, put your feet on the width of your shoulders. Lift the trunk up by actively compressing the buttocks. Watch that your hands are straightened, do not tear your head off the floor. Start with 30 repetitions, add 10 more each day. Remember: by doing these exercises, you should not rush anywhere - then the load will be really serious! A noticeable decrease in the volume of the thighs will make you very happy.
  4. Exercise for the body

  5. Crouch, one leg thrown on a chair. This exercise is tremendously effective, it trains the muscles of the press, back and thighs, promotes their growth. Start with 20 repetitions for each leg. Watch your posture!
  6. Exercise for the body

I'm crazy about this complex - at home you canConduct training is not worse than in the gym. Try and you! After a week of training you want to look in the mirror longer ... and well-being will be on top! Share with your girlfriends instruction on the formation of ideal forms.