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Ideas for a Christmas tree

Approaching New Year's holidays, Which means that soon it will be necessary to decorate the tree. Many of us will be wondering if it is worth buying her live? Especially since the New Year tree takes up a lot of space in the house.

"so simple!" Prepared for you the 20 most original ideas for decorating the New Year tree. Most of these trees can easily fit on the wall, above the table or even on the doors of the cabinet.

Ideas for creating a Christmas tree

  1. from books
  2. Christmas tree from books

  3. Beads and garland
  4. Christmas tree of beads

  5. From branches with a garland
  6. Tree of branches with a garland

  7. Out of thread
  8. Christmas tree of thread

  9. From knickknacks
  10. Christmas tree of knickknacks

  11. For wine lovers
  12. A Christmas tree from traffic jams

  13. Of Christmas toys
  14. Christmas tree out of toys

  15. From paper for notes
  16. Tree of paper

  17. Wooden beads
  18. Christmas tree of wooden beads

  19. Painted spruce
  20. Painted Christmas tree

  21. Cone with a candle inside
  22. Christmas tree-cone

  23. From caramel sticks
  24. Christmas tree of sweets

  25. Woolen thread with toys
  26. Tree of thread

  27. Of ginger biscuits
  28. Christmas tree made from ginger biscuits

  29. One more variant from books
  30. Christmas tree from books

  31. Old lines can become such a vintage spruce
  32. Vintage Christmas tree

  33. Strawberry with chocolate
  34. Chocolate-strawberry tree

  35. From Chinese balls
  36. Christmas tree of Chinese balls

  37. For a bachelor
  38. Bachelor's christmas tree

  39. From toilet paper
  40. Tree of toilet paper

Using these ideas, you will be able to create absolutelyUnique Christmas tree in your house. Friends will admire your imagination and originality, and even such a tree will every day raise your spirits!

Show your friends how Replace a live Christmas tree!!