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Interesting books

A nice selection for everyone who is not indifferent to reading. Perhaps some of these Interesting books You already read - well done! And if something is not yet known to you, then I congratulate you, because it is really impossible to tear yourself away from these books, they are dragging out completely. You are provided with a departure from reality in a completely different world and boundless pleasure from what has been read.

Pride and Prejudice

What to read interesting at leisure

  1. Diana setterfield "thirteenth fairy tale"
  2. An interesting and gloomy story in the style of Gothic. In the process of reading the book you will plunge into a mystical, mysterious atmosphere. An ancient estate, family secrets, ghosts and cunning fate ... if you like a clever plot and atmospheric, this book is just for you!

  3. Ian mackueen amsterdam
  4. The story of how a person can spoil everythingAround yourself. Who of the two main characters will soon lose his mind from strange events - a composer or editor of a well-known newspaper? Spicy and very impressive reading.

  5. Douglas Adams "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  6. A shocking book that discourages the reader from the very first words. Humor and perfectly worked out plot - it is better not to describe this book. A classic of fiction, which is not boring to read at all.

  7. John faulz "collector"
  8. A young single person who does not have a greatMind, suddenly won for himself a lot of money in the lottery. I wonder how he will spend it? The lover of collecting butterflies suddenly falls in love, and then the fun begins ... will his love be better, or will he choose another way?

  9. Viktor pelevin "omon ra"
  10. The plausibility of this book is beyond the scope, youYou do not understand, the writer thought up this story, or everything is really the case. What if it's true? The reality in which people fly into space, being an energy source for a spacecraft is depicted on the example of a simple kid. The issues raised by the pelevin, as always, are very important and exciting. Read with pleasure, this philosophical reading-matter of one evening is so interesting.

  11. Jane osten "pride and prejudice"
  12. This book is full of the spirit of the old conservativeEngland with its laws. Why has it gained such great popularity? Apparently, because in this book there are eternal themes that concern humanity from time immemorial. Framing from the traditional English canons of morality makes the book very attractive for women. If your beloved has not read it - this is a good idea for a gift.

  13. Daniel Kiz "the multiple minds of Billy Milligan"
  14. The main character - billy, waking up in the morning, realizes that he is imprisoned. How did he end up here? The hero can not remember anything. The story of how to defeat yourself and your shortcomings.

  15. Gabriel Garcia Marquez "remembering my sad whores"
  16. Dangerous passions and a person, they are torn. We are used to that love has only one face. Markes in his traditions of magical realism shows the many hypostases of this beautiful feeling. Very instructive and sensual book.

  17. Steven king "rita heyworth, or escape from the show"
  18. Strength of mind - that's what's important. If you have a core on which the person is holding, you are not afraid of anything. Learn to be persistent in any situation, and this book will help you.

Refer to these Fascinating books, When you are going to look for something to read. Find what you like most and read it in one gulp, it's such a bliss!

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