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House for 2000 dollars

The life of Aleksandr Lamar was full andSecured, but because of a serious illness and divorce, he lost everything. Well, almost everything except a residential van and a small piece of land that he inherited. For 2 years he lived in a car and worked beyond repair to realize his dream: build a house Without any loans and mortgage outposts.

Alexander accumulated 2000 dollars and built own house Such dimensions as werePermission to build. I was really impressed by the result: what he built using such a small budget can not fail to impress. It turned out a hut with two floors and a terrace, which will cover it in any weather.

How to build a budget house

  1. In this photo the beginning of construction: Alexander laid the foundation with concrete stops and wooden frames. This house "floats" on the surface.
  2. How to build a house

  3. Further - a frame made of laths with plastic sealed insulation.
  4. Frame house

  5. After that, the floor was covered with special slabs, which also covered the frame walls.
  6. Frame house

  7. Under the outer skin of the walls - ruberoid or any other insulating material.
  8. The walls of the house

  9. The floor of the second floor is of the same construction as the floor of the first floor (with the use of DC).
  10. The walls of the house

  11. Roof construction. Here the llama and the help of the masters was needed.
  12. Roof construction

  13. With the installation of doors and windows, this hut slowly takes the form of a real house.
  14. Cheap house

  15. The roof was also covered with DC. And in the end, too, tightly covered with heat insulation. On top of all this, and roofing lain postal.
  16. home construction

  17. It's just amazing how everything harmonizes in this little hut. Only 18 square meters - and a complete set! Also water from the well.
  18. House plan

  19. The bedroom is on the top floor. Still unfinished building already looks very cozy.
  20. Bedroom under the roof

  21. Lamar to the facade of the house attached a terrace for himself and his 2 dogs. Watching the sunset from such a terrace is a pleasure.
  22. terrace

  23. Hooray! The house is finished. There is even a garden. Over the terrace is a solar system. All the electricity in the house is from the energy of the sun and wind.
  24. little house

Alexander Lamar is satisfied with his littleIndependent world. Meanwhile, his ideas fell in love with the public. Now he communicates with everyone through his books - in them you will be able to find information about this and other projects. But even if you have an apartment, his ideas can be a very useful stimulus.

Would you like to build such a secluded place for yourself? Tell your friends about it.