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10 positive books

With the spleen can be fought in many ways: with the help of chocolate, a pleasant company or strong drinks, but the most useful and effective tool is a good and fun book. "so simple!" Collected for you the 10 most satirical, humorous and ironic books that can cause you a burst of laughter.

Reading them, you can laugh to tears! Even on the dreary day these Humorous books Instantly cheer up.

Books that are charged with a positive

  1. "Three in a boat, not counting a dog"
    You can not tear yourself away from this incredibleStories of the journey of the three gentlemen and their faithful companion of the Montmorency on the Thames. Funny misunderstandings, funny collisions and humorous situations still amaze readers with their originality.
  2. Three in a boat, not counting a dog

  3. Jaroslav guches "the adventures of the brave soldier of the seamstress"
    This is the story of a talented saboteur whoBecame a favorite Czech hero. After conscription in the army seamk pretends to be a complete idiot and performs the orders given to him with such precision that leads them to the absurd. But in fact, every war is absurd.
  4. Adventures of the brave soldier soldier

  5. Leonid Filatov "about Fedot-Sagittarius, a struck young man"
    This humorous tale is not intended at allFor children, but rather for their parents. The relevance of this book is not lost, and the stories are eternal. Many winged expressions from this tale are still heard, although few people know that often quotes Filatova.
  6. About fedot-archer, a wise fellow

  7. Mihail veller "legends of the Nevsky Prospekt"
    This book can be called the most ridiculousBook of the last decade. The author skillfully combines irony, sarcasm and nostalgia. Fantastic stories from our recent past, told by the author, are increasingly perceived not as a fiction of the writer, but as a reality known to many.
  8. Legends of the Nevsky Prospekt

  9. Joseph Heller "amendment-22"
    When you start reading this book, you firstIt will be difficult to understand the heaped up inconsequential events and paradoxical judgments, to separate the elements of absurd fiction from what might very well have taken place in reality.

    You will see that it does not just contain some grotesque images, but the entire artistic panorama is greatly exaggerated.


  10. Fame s "plumber, his cat, wife and other details"
    This book is about a very ordinary-looking sturdy. His male loneliness smells like a hamster living under the bathroom. He is fond of almost impregnable sad women who are light on a kiss.

    This is the only plumber in the Baltics who plays in the academic theater. He has a blog in a live magazine, he knows how to fry meat and grows onions on the window.

  11. Plumber, his cat, wife and other details

  12. Terri pratchett "cat without embellishment"
    In the beginning there was a word, and this word was a cat. This book can be called the gospel of a cat. You will learn all about them. From which the cats are made, their internal structure, the laws that act on them and do not work, what they eat and what they drink. Let the cat's blessing be with you!
  13. Cat without embellishment

  14. O.genri "stories"
    Good, quality and time-tested humor. If you want to relax from serious literature and read something unobtrusive, this book is perfect. Above these stories you can laugh, cry and think. This book will make cozy the most dank autumn evening.
  15. Stories about. Henry

  16. Brothers clogged "Monday begins on Saturday"
    Humor of Boris and Arcadia clerks is difficult to compareWith something else - it must be felt, understood, and for this it is necessary to read their light, lively and optimistic philosophy filled with prose. This is their book is already completely disassembled into quotes.
  17. Monday starts on Saturday

  18. Iliya Ilf, Eugene Petrov "12 chairs"
    This is 2 geniuses of Russia, but what really is there - the worldLiterature xx century! They gave us books that can be re-read dozens of times and talk all their lives with their phrases. However, many people do just that.
  19. 12 chairs

Instead of climbing again under the blanket and moping, pick up one of these books. Melancholic mood immediately evaporates!

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