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New Year's ball with your own hands

Dreams come true, even the most fabulous! Since childhood, I so wanted to have a similar snowball, which often appeared in New Year's films. The gentle twinkling of the flashes of snowflakes inside me completely fascinated ...

With what joy I found out that such a ball can be made on its own, and make it exactly as you want!

In the work you need fairly simple elements, so look for them and boldly set about creating a New Year miracle. It's very good Idea for a gift, With your own hands you can create a little joy for family and friends. And children will be just ecstatic from such a toy!



You will need

  • Glass jar with tightly screwed lid
  • Boiled or distilled water
  • Glycerol solution
  • Waterproof adhesive
  • Substitute for snow (artificial snow, sparkles, foam, broken eggshells, coconut shavings, white beads)
  • Various figures from kinder-surprises
  • Different little things for decoration



  1. Take a favorite figure, put it on the glue, on the inside of the lid, let it dry.
  2. snowman



  3. Fill the jar with water, add 1 tablespoon of glycerin and a little sparkles.
  4. Gently holding the figure into the jar withWater, pre-lubricating the thread of the cover with glue. Close the lid tightly. Carving jars adorn the decorative ribbon. After the glue dries, the jar can be turned over. Decoration is ready!
  5. snowball



Christmas story Knocking at everyone's house! Do not waste time and get busy with New Year's preparations right now, thinking about gifts, remember this ball. Absolutely magical thing!

Share the best ideas with your friends - tell them about this article with a simple instruction on how to make a New Year's snow ball. Let the festive mood be with you every day!