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How to make colorful roses

Do you like unusual flowers? Watch this video and you'll see what to do Iridescent roses You can do it yourself, with very little effort. But the result ... any girl melts when she sees such beauty. Look and marvel at how simple such beautiful things are.

As you see, making a wonderfully painted bouquet is incredibly simple. To start buy a few white roses and a dye of the color or colors that you want Color your bouquet. A drop of a few drops of dye into the vases,So that the water has a rich color. Then cut off the stems of the roses at an oblique angle and put them in the vase. For a day let the flowers rest, leaving them in a cool and dark room (this could be a bathroom or a pantry). The longer the roses stand in the water, the more saturated will be their color. Ready! Indescribable beauty, is not it?

Flowers are suitable for Gift for any holiday. I immediately imagined a wedding bouquet in such tones - very unusual. Conduct this entertaining experiment with roses, preparing for another holiday. At you all will turn out!

If this video inspired you to create a multicolored bouquet - share it with your friends. To keep such findings a secret is unnecessary.