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Rules of success

At first glance it seems that these tips are too simple. Why do not all people observe them? The fact is that we often forget about Obvious truths.

These rules will help you make a breakthrough and To achieve inner harmony. Remember them or periodically look through!


How to achieve success

  1. Forget what a TV is.
  2. people do not change. Never go back to the one who betrayed you.
  3. If you have an idea, immediately write it down. Sometime it will be useful to you!
  4. If you are late, find a way to warn about it.
  5. Do not laugh at someone else's dreams, better think about your own.
  6. Speak only the truth - and then you do not have to remember anything.
  7. Do not gossip. This has not led to anything good yet.
  8. Courtesy conquers cities.
  9. Learn to recognize your mistakes.
  10. Give up the habit of complaining all the time. Nobody cares about your problems.
  11. Move on, no matter what. This will help.
  12. Spend more time with parents. The moment when they do not become, will come unexpectedly.
  13. In any incomprehensible situation go to bed. When it's hard for you, remember that "and it will pass."
  14. Do not try to hurt a man for living, even in a serious quarrel. You, of course, reconcile, but he will remember your words for a long time ...
  15. Start the day with the most difficult and unpleasant things. Then the rest of the day you will not be overwhelmed by unnecessary thoughts.
  16. No one owes nothing to nobody. Forget this word. Otherwise you will really get stuck in debt, and not only material, but also moral.

You will make a truly great breakthrough when you begin to observe these rules. Start living by giving you energy for a constant Of progress.

Never be depressed - and everything will be all right. Share these rules with your friends for success!