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20 health products

All natural fruits and vegetables are useful withoutExceptions. However, there are 20 special products that have not only food, but also health value. They have a curative diuretic effect (remove excess fluid from the body), promote weight loss, eliminate toxins and toxins, and lower blood pressure. How to become healthy without potions and tablets? Just include these foods in your diet!

Health products

  1. lemon
    Removes from the body excess fluid, saturates vitamins, in particular vitamin c.
  2. lemon

  3. Oats
    Helps to get rid of excess weight, has a diuretic effect, removes harmful cholesterol from the body.
  4. Oats

  5. celery
    Saturates the body with water and microelements, has a pronounced diuretic effect, improves metabolism.
  6. celery

  7. Brussels sprouts
    Low-calorie, has a huge amount of antioxidants, strengthens the body and helps to lose weight.
  8. Brussels sprouts

  9. ginger
    Strengthens the immune system, helps burn calories faster, removes excess fluid from the body.
  10. beet
    Contains a huge amount of antioxidants, removes excess water from the body, tones up and gently cleanses the intestines.
  11. beet

  12. Apple vinegar
    Cleans the body of toxins, removes excess fluid, helps to "stir" the digestive system, promotes weight loss.
  13. Apple vinegar

  14. cabbage
    Is an excellent prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, has a diuretic and tonic effect on the body.
  15. cabbage

  16. cranberry juice
    It fights with infections of the urinary tract, saturates with antioxidants, rejuvenates the skin and tones up the body.
  17. cranberry juice

  18. eggplant
    Helps to fight excess weight, removes excess fluid from the body, helps in the fight against stress.
  19. eggplant

  20. parsley
    Parsley is famous for its rejuvenating properties, it tones up the skin, improves digestion and freshens breath.
  21. parsley

  22. Caffeinated drinks
    Any drink containing caffeine has a diuretic property.
  23. Caffeinated drinks

  24. water
    Although this seems illogical, water helps to remove excess fluid from the body. To increase diuretic effect, it is enough to add a glass of lemon juice or grated ginger root.
  25. water

  26. Tomatoes
    So that tomatoes can quickly remove water from theOrganism, they need to be eaten raw. They also have a powerful antioxidant effect, help fight cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  27. Tomatoes

  28. Cucumber
    Useful substances and trace elements, which are contained in cucumbers, help to fight overweight, cancer and diabetes.
  29. Cucumber

  30. watermelon
    This berry has a pronounced diureticAction, improves eyesight, helps fight diseases of the kidney and urogenital system. Most importantly, do not abuse this product and do not eat too much watermelon at a time.
  31. watermelon

  32. carrot
    Cleanses the intestines, improves eyesight, promotes weight loss, relieves fatigue, tones up the body.
  33. carrot

  34. garlic
    Is indispensable in the cold season. Strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, cleanses the blood, improves digestion.
  35. garlic

  36. Artichokes
    Remove from the body of excess fluid, cleanse the intestines, kidneys and liver, are a dietary product that is well absorbed in diabetes.
  37. Artichokes

  38. asparagus
    Strengthens the heart, liver, genitourinary system, lowers blood pressure, helps to lose excess weight.
  39. asparagus

With the coming of the summer sin is not to use giftsNature, which have an increased content of beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Diversify your diet and be sure to include in your menu these 20 products. Sure, you will not only become healthier, but also gain strength before the long winter. Share this article with your friends, let them also take a step towards healthy eating!