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Incredible facts

If I did not know for sure that this is not an invention, it would be impossible to believe in the veracity of such information. Read these Facts from real life And for once, wonder how incomprehensible and diverse our world is.

Sometimes unthinkable events occur, as if taken from fantastic books. Absurd, incredibly beautiful or creepy stories - everywhere. It is only necessary to learn to pay attention to everything ...

7 incredible facts

  1. A man without sleep
    The history of this Hungarian soldier is simple, butCompletely incomprehensible. Why did it happen so? In 1915 the floor of the core was wounded in the head in one of the battles of the First World War. During the injury, the frontal lobe of the warrior's brain suffered very badly. But he did not die ...

    Something more unusual happened: The Russian soldier who shot him gave the floor to life without sleep. After injury, this person has never slept, apparently, that center of the brain, which is responsible for this natural process, is touched. Lucky sex or not?

    In my opinion, this shot was sent to prolong his life: he was able to feel good and not spend more time sleeping! Amazing ...

  2. insomnia

  3. Golden fever
    Indian housewives own 11% of the world's gold. This means, if you perform calculations. This means that more than 18,000 tons of gold are concentrated in the hands of ordinary Indian women.

    They have more gold than the Swiss, the United States of America and Germany combined! To cherish gold in the family - the national tradition of the Hindus, part of the great culture.

  4. Legs of an Indian woman

  5. pianist
    Derek amato from Colorado hit his head on the bottomSwimming pool. The blow went to his advantage, oddly enough. Thanks to this trauma, a center opened in the brain in the brain, responsible for genius. This condition is very rare and is called Savant Syndrome.

    He became an outstanding pianist, before having nothing to do with music ... a lucky one, to be sure.

  6. pianist

  7. Super taxi driver
    To become a driver of the famous LondonTaxi "black cab", you need to know more than 25 thousand roads and the location of 50 thousand attractions, as well as - to pass a special test called "knowledge" (with English "the knowledge").

    To pass the exam, applicants usually need twelve attempts and about 34 months of preparation. So these taxi drivers are the smartest people! I'm afraid to imagine for what salary such tests.

  8. Taxi

  9. Promenade in the palace
    In 1982 a man entered BuckinghamAnd spent half an hour there. Finding a cheddar cheese, he ate it in the process of examining the palace chambers. The lucky guy was completely calm. The alarm system was just faulty, so that no one interfered with the traveler. He examined in detail the royal portraits and for some time rested on the throne.

    Then a curious man drank half a bottle of wine, tired and left the palace ... this kind of pastime fell to his lot! Felt like a king.

  10. Gates of the palace

  11. Surprise with buddha
    In 1995, someone accidentally dropped an ancient gypsum figure of a buddha. A layer of gypsum hid a whole gold sculpture! A pleasant discovery.
  12. Buddha

  13. Talented sniper
    The ability to kill made this man famous. British sniper Craig Harrison set a new record for accuracy of shooting. He managed to shoot down two Taliban soldiers from a distance of two kilometers four hundred and fifty meters.

    That's the distance! Apparently, they did not even hear the shot. Is the sniper proud of his victory? For him it's just a job ...

  14. soldier

The reality is interesting, that one can always expect anything from this life. And miracles, and amazing events. Where is the guarantee that something unthinkable will not happen to you? these Truthful facts - proof that anything can happen ...

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