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Volumetric Snowflakes

It is difficult to imagine a new year without Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree and, of course, snowflakes. I suggest you plunge into the magical winter world and learn how to do voluminous Snowflakes from paperTo decorate them with the whole apartment.

Make them a little more complicated than usual, butThey will look much more impressive. Your apartment will turn into a real castle of the snow queen! To make a volume snowflake you will need paper, scissors, glue and a stapler. Prepared? Then turn on the video and learn!

Three-dimensional snowflakes with their own hands

It takes a little longer thanCreating an ordinary snowflake, but the result will be just amazing! To create it, you can also use colored paper. Add a little imagination - and your apartment will turn into a colorful extravaganza!

Show your friends this video! Let them also learn to create such a miracle!