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The benefits of reading

It has long been proven that reading is an excellent way to preserve the clarity of the mind throughout life. Reading people have a much higher chance of building A successful career, They have better relationships in the family, they look younger and live longer.

Journalist, writer and blogger Annie Muller wrote a true confession Bibliophile, Which tells how your life will change under the influence of books. So turn off your TV, hide the remote away and read what else there are reasons why you should start reading.


I want to admit. I'm addicted.

This happens almost throughout my life. Since I was a child. I should have asked for help. But I will not.

I'll just go back to the bookstore. Back to the library. Back to my endless line of e-books. Back to my crowded regiments.

They know me. They love me. Here is everything that I need. Why should I stop?

And why do not you start? When you read more, life changes. Here's how it happens.

The benefit of reading

  1. You will find a safe way to escape from the failures, stresses and boredom of your life.
    There is no need to refer to tablets orAlcohol. Save your money. Buy books or download several e-books from thousands that are freely available. Wrap yourself in history. Get lost in another world. Have crossed from the head to the head of the hero of the book.

    It's fast. It's economical. It's mobile: your personal way of evacuation, when the world becomes unbearably heavy.

    And who will look down on you for simply reading books? I will not tell anyone what is really happening. I promise.

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  3. You will find that you have a family.
    Okay, I know. You have parents and, possibly, brothers and sisters, and a whole crowd of aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers.

    Or maybe not.

    Maybe you felt lonely in this world. Abandoned.

    Whether you really are one or just feel that you are completely inconsistent with your own family - you can become an avid reader and find new relatives.

    This is a world-wide, completely open and truly beautiful family.

    This is the family of readers. Book lovers. Literary addicts. Bibliophiles. Become one of us, and you will find kindred souls in every corner of the globe. Of course, we have a signal, akin to a secret family handshake. Just get the book and start reading. This is all that is required.

    We will see you.

    We will find out.

    We will always be there when you need it.

  4. You will be part of a timeless global conversation.
    Books - this is the way in which the past communicates with us. Moreover, it is a way of communication between cultures, countries, social classes and groups.

    Books allow us to enter other lives and worlds unobtrusively, but at the same time with a full immersion.

    Yes, it's awesome.

    You never wanted to be someone else, go somewhere else, experience something that you could not experience in your own life?

    All this is in the books. Are you still waiting?

  5. You will learn to speak beautifully.
    Reading is the most painless way to replenish your vocabulary, improve spelling and expand grammatical competence.

    Read more, and you will be able to giggle smugly when your friends make mistakes in the status of social networks. You can correct them. You will become a grammatical tyrant, as always dreamed.

  6. You will love the queue, the stops and waiting rooms.
    This can be a turning point in yourLife, the truth. Instead of eagerly shifting from foot to foot, panting and sighing or expressing your anger and discontent with any socially acceptable way, you can just ... read.

    You just get an interesting book from your pocket or bag, and you have entertainment, communication and intellectual stimulation - all in one bottle.

    My friend says that reading gives her "the ability to be happy at any time, in any place, even when waiting is unbearably long."

    This is a superpower, which everyone needs.

  7. You will become a more pleasant person.
    Perhaps, you do not really want to become more pleasant, but those around you will definitely not mind.

    Perhaps you have never been a victim of racism, violence or poverty. Perhaps you do not know what it's like to suffer from unrequited love. Perhaps it's easier for you to criticize than to sympathize.

    Reading will not change it completely (my "criticometer" is still in good condition, and this after decades of constant reading), but it will help you think about before you condemn.

    And sympathize without thinking.

    Because when you experience other lives through books, you begin to see other lives in the world around you. Life, of which you did not know anything before.

    You have a little more understanding. A little more interest. A little less "we are against them" and much more "we are all together".

  8. You will learn a lot.
    Even if you read fiction, you can learnQuite a lot about cultural influence, relationships, history, fear, human psychology, various manifestations of the spirit, the consequences of war, the ways in which robots capture the world, and the tricks by which superheroes manage to keep their cloaks clean.

    This is all very useful information.

    Do you want to know more? Read popular science literature. Biography, history, books about current events. Joking, books on current events you can skip. Instead of them read historical literature, so you will learn much more about modernity.

    philosophy. psychology. memoirs. The book "DIY". If you are interested in something, you can find a book about it. Or a whole section of books.

    And if you do not, maybe you should write it.

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  10. You will find that you were more stupid than you thought.
    At a time when you were not dependent on reading, you thought that you were judging fairly unbiased, right?

    Come on, confess. I will not laugh.

    You thought that you know a lot, have broad views on life and a fairly accurate idea of ​​how the world works. Then you started to read.

    Perhaps the first books did not change the situation so much. They probably safely kept you in the comfort zone. And then one of the members of your new reading family advised you something.

    "You must read this," he said. - "it's great. true".

    You did so.

    And suddenly you realized: what you thought was so familiar, really famous, in which you were 200% sure, is really not at all the case. And then you felt your brain begin to crack.

    And when light entered the cracks, you saw the true state of your mind: dull, dusty, crowded with a huge number of assumptions.

    You continued to read, and the cracks became more and more. One by one, these assumptions evaporated. There was more light. The air was cleaned.

    You began to populate your mind with different things: Images, conversations, ideas, data. Poetry. Fragments of life that you experienced through books. Emotions that did not belong to you, but which you felt as your own. Real things from the real world instead of garbage of assumptions and expectations.

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  12. You will discover the creative principle in yourself.
    When you fill your mind with fresh material from all these books, something wonderful will begin to happen.

    Your mind wakes up.

    In fact, creativity is the ability to createConnection. All those people, whose ingenuity we admire, are engaged in the creation of ties. They have a broad database, and they do not care about the separate storage of information. They allow poetry to seep into science. They allow faith and history to hang out together.

    They understand that categories can overlap one another. We used to hang labels on things: this gives us the illusion of understanding, but often it is counterproductive.

    Reading helps to break shortcuts.

    Reading helps you fill the mind with any number of sources and let all the wonderful things blend and generate something new.

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  14. You will develop the imagination and cease to be afraid of being strange.
    When you read a book that is the product of someone's imagination, you begin to trust your own and use it more.

    What a great idea - to use the brain in all its crazy, frightening, terrific potential.
    Reading will help you with this. If you consider yourself strange, just start reading something from the field of surrealism or science fiction (or surrealistic fiction), and soon you will feel like the most normal person in the world.

    Of course, you want to read more. And you will do it. And then your own imagination will mix the reading with real life, add it to your unique collection of information, experience and education. Who knows what it will lead to?

    Do not you want to know?

    So why have not you opened the book yet?

And remember - those people who read books, alwaysWill control those who watch TV! Motivates, does not it? I immediately wanted to pick up an unread book yesterday. And buy a couple more dozens in addition to it.

Share this confession with your friends, even if they find for themselves Reasons to start reading!!