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Sites for the photographer

If you want to develop your Mastery of the photographer, This article will be very useful for you. Because photography is an art, just anyone can press a button, but you have to be able to do something really wonderful.

Learning, taking the experience of other photographers with the help ofThese sites. You are already on the way of creating a masterpiece, if you read these words. Let the inspiration never leave you, and the technique - is constantly being improved. Dare!

Useful sites for photographers

  1. prophotos.ru
    exactly what is needed A beginner photographer!! Except for interesting articles on this site isDetailed recommendations. What to do if you are just learning how to photograph - how to make a composition correctly, what is the difference between photographing animals and people, how to feel a photo, making it more emotional. Well of knowledge!
  2. dove

  3. photo-element.ru
    On this site there is a huge amountArticles on a variety of topics: from the elementary, for example, what to do with the sky in landscape photography - to the nuances of photographing unfamiliar people and the features of time-lapse photography.
  4. desert

  5. photoindustria.ru
    About technology and aesthetics - with the soul. What to do with light during studio shooting? These priceless recommendations will help you out more than once. If the words "softbox" and "drawing light" are not an empty phrase for you - here you are.
  6. Girl in winter

  7. photogeek.ru
    Photography as a lifestyle is perfectly served on thisPage. Simple tips for all occasions - how to take flower beds, children, a city, a wedding ... arm yourself with information, and your level of work will increase significantly!
  8. Little bird

  9. fotogora.ru
    Looking for tips on how to shoot a plump model? How to improve your pictures in just one day? Where to get the source of inspiration? The answers are here!
  10. forest

  11. fotogu.ru
    How to make a photo really beautiful? Here they will tell how to overcome lethargy and plotlessness in photography, how to make shots clear and vivid. Beauty should be on the picture always!
  12. church

  13. photo-monster.ru
    On this site there are video lessons of different levelsComplexities: on the technique of photography, on processing in the main graphic editors. You will learn how to fix those or other blemishes of the frame. Perfection has no limit, is it?
  14. Shooting at home

  15. toto-school.ru
    Blog of Anton Marakhovsky. Here he talks about the technical difficulties that happen in the work of a photographer: for example, how to make High-quality photo essay About tigers in a poorly lit circus. Learn from the pros best!
  16. Leopard in the circus

  17. photosay.ru
    Maxim of Izmaylov shares the acquired beyond his powerExperience on their website. You will learn how to photograph lightning and rain, and you will receive such recommendations on shooting children who can not be found anywhere else!
  18. The child is eating watermelon

  19. lens-club.ru
    All about the objectives: their advantages and disadvantages, comparative characteristics, How to choose a lens For certain purposes ... which is important: here there are even test photos from a variety of lenses! very helpful.
  20. Butterfly on a flower

  21. Fotobooks
    The title speaks for itself: here you can find a lot of books and magazines on photography. Reading helps a lot to clarify many questions.
  22. book cover

  23. zimfor.ru
    Online simulator For a beginner photographer Or a virtual camera will allow you to quickly figure out the shutter speed, aperture and iso. Very cool thing!
  24. Virtual camera

  25. takefoto.ru
    Camera reviews, how to take photo food and street shots, how to photograph a dance ... a lot of useful techniques, irreplaceable in your photo life.
  26. sunset

  27. fototips.ru
    Another site with available recommendations for different filming. Macro-shooting, various unknown and secret techniques, ideas for non-standard shots. All this you will find by following the link.
  28. Photo of a girl

  29. photoword.ru
    Photoword will tell you how to choose the plot and camera angle for the photo in the instagram, How to take pictures in a club, How to organize a shoot in the style of pin-up, where shooting is prohibited and how to photograph effectively in ruins. Very intriguing!
  30. Unusual photos

Being a photographer means being able to see the world differently than other people. Such skill is not available to everyone, but it develops, as well as musical ear or athletic ability.

These resources will help you on your way of becoming a photographer. Find your own style, determined by what you have It turns out to be photographed Most of all - and please the world with beautiful pictures! Do not bury your talent, but open and improve it, it is a sin not to develop in your favorite business.

Show this article to everyone who is in love with photography - they will be delighted with valuable information.