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Ideas for the New Year

New Year's holidays - the time of special rituals and traditions. From year to year the same thing is repeated - to decorate the tree with the whole family, to buy tangerines, champagne, to wrap up presents ...

Old good traditions is very sincere andNice, but diversity is very necessary in order to make the holiday memorable as a truly bright and unusual event. These few ideas will help you make for loved ones Magic surprises, While spending quite a bit of effort. Joy in the eyes of your loved ones is the best gift for which you should try.

Ideas for the new year

  1. Little notes of happiness
    Since the beginning of the new year, get yourself a jar, where are youYou will fold notes with pleasant events that have occurred in your life. At the end of the year, December 31, you need to shake them all and read. Excellent mood and smile are provided! But how much good things have happened, of which you would not have remembered without notes! This idea will help you and your loved ones to learn to appreciate the moments of happiness and be grateful for them.
  2. Little notes of happiness

  3. Burn all sorrow
    Gather thoughts that upset youLast year - it's not the case. Burn it all with a blue flame! Write down your disappointments and grievances on the sheet and burn it. This is a very interesting ritual, so you can break your tie to negative emotions, free yourself from them in real life. Not for nothing there is the expression "cleansing flame," fire and truth will purify your consciousness, it will become calm and easy on the soul.
  4. Paper burns

  5. Send real postcards to relatives
    Imagine how enchanting the mood will beDear people, when they find a real greeting card in the mailbox. And how you will be pleased to come up with a congratulation for each of them and look forward to the recipient's response!
  6. Paper postcards

  7. Bake cookies with "predictions"
    Such a simple surprise is very valuable, because goodWishes are pleasing to everyone without exception. Guests will be beside themselves with delight when they notice these pechenyushki. Show imagination and write bright, wonderful wishes for the future for each guest - the atmosphere at your holiday will be unique.
  8. Cookies with predictions

  9. Dress up in Santa Claus
    Or in the Snow Maiden. And in this form, go to visit all the New Year holidays! The costume is just a small detail, but how much energy it carries in itself! Next to Santa Claus nobody will be sad, everyone will remember that a holiday is a holiday.
  10. Santa Claus

  11. Make an original family tree
    Circle the palms of the whole family: Mom, Dad, children, grandfathers and grandmothers. Make a tree on the wall: the contours of the big hands are at the bottom, and above - less and less. The smallest "palm" is above. Each year, you can add new "palms" of grown-up children. The hands can be painted, and the Christmas tree can be hung with balls with photos of family members.
  12. Christmas tree from the hands

  13. Write a letter to Santa Claus
    This symbolic message will help you understandYourself, you will know your innermost desires. Sincerely ask for the fulfillment of miracles, and they will necessarily begin to happen in your life. Then to re-read this New Year's letter is a pleasure, especially when it turns out that you got what you wanted.
  14. Letter to Santa Claus

  15. Friendly gatherings with mulled wine
    This warm, warming drink will help youTo feel the holiday to the full. Call your friends and spend a cozy evening sipping mulled wine. This is a great way to spend the last year and remember the best that has happened.
  16. mulled wine

While mulled wine is being prepared, share this article with your friends and set them on a festive mood.